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Frequently Asked Questions about working with a Virtual Assistant ...and the answers! 

Here at Alchemy VA, we love nothing more than connecting with new, exciting business owners and gaining a deeper understanding of their day to day challenges.  
Experience continues to demonstrate to us that no business is the same and no business owner is the same. 
And that's exactly how it should be. There's no room for neat, tidy little boxes or labels here. 
Whilst there's great diversity and depth to our amazing client base, there are a few common threads we when a brilliant business owner starts to explore how a professional, dedicated Alchemy Virtual Assistant could work for them. 
We've scooped up a few questions that we're often asked and detailed some short, concise answers for you here with the intention of giving you a little more clarity and confidence about plugging in our world class VA support into your remarkable business. 
Let's dive in... 
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What even is a Virtual Assistant?  
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly skilled & often vastly experienced professional who chooses to provides administrative, technical, creative or operational support to individuals or businesses remotely! 
No, we're not talking about Alexa or Siri here... 
An Alchemy VA works securely and efficiently from their own chosen location and typically prefers to communicates with clients through online channels. But this doesn't mean it's exclusively a remote relationship, we love nothing more than catching up with our clients in person when we've freed up a bit of time in their schedule by taking certain tasks & responsibilities off their never ending 'to do' lists! 
What type of tasks can (and should) I delegate to a Virtual Assistant?  
You can let go of a WHOLE range of tasks to your Alchemy Virtual Assistant. This could include but not exclusive to: 
email management 
data entry 
social media management & content creation 
appointment scheduling 
and SO MUCH more... 
Essentially, any day to day or repetitive task that you don't enjoy or aren't good at that doesn't require physical presence can be handled by your trusted Virtual Assistant. If you'd value some more inspiration, we compiled the 'Ultimate List' of tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant a few years ago which is still very much relevant today. 
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How do I find the right Virtual Assistant?  
Firstly, we celebrate you for recognising the importance of finding the right Virtual Assistant! 
Most of our clients find us through personal recommendations and we're immensely proud of that fact. With this in mind, we'd ALWAYS suggest asking your trusted business connections and networks who they already work with or know. 
If that isn't fruitful, a good old Google Search will give you a few options.  
Be sure to check out testimonials and case studies as well as considering the skills, experience and approach of your prospective Virtual Assistant.  
How do I ensure data security and confidentiality when working with a Virtual Assistant?  
A very important question! One of the main ways you can prioritise confidentiality is by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with your Virtual Assistant to protect any commercially sensitive information. In choosing a trusted, long standing Virtual Assistant company (such as Alchemy VA) you can be further assured that they have robust data protection measures and processes in place. It's wise to check that they are registered with the Information Commissioners Office too and don't be afraid to enquire into their data protection processes or policies as well as their standard working practices.  
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What are the typical rates for hiring a Virtual Assistant?  
We wholeheartedly believe that you get what you pay for and that in a fast moving, 'always on' digital world it's the luxury of a personal touch that truly makes a difference to all things including the bottom line! 
Across the globe, Virtual Assistant rates vary vastly based on many factors such as location, experience, and skillset.  
In the UK, average rates in the last 12 months have moved towards around £30 - £40 per hour. But you should naturally expect to pay higher rates for a more specialised or skilled Virtual Assistant service.  
Remember, your Virtual Assistant shouldn't be viewed as an expense. It's an investment. An investment of time and money that will set you up for future fulfillment and success!  
What are the main benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?  
Working with a Virtual Assistant is the ideal solution to so many forward thinking businesses. A Virtual Assistant can provide increased productivity, time savings, cost-effectiveness as well as give you access to specialised skills and the ability to tap into a wealth of experience and connections. All ultimately empowering you to focus deeper on your core business tasks - the things you're good at and enjoy the most! 
You might like to take a look at one of our past blogs where we outline six reasons why working with a Virtual Assistant gives you a powerful, strategic edge.  
But are you ready for a Virtual Assistant? 
Why not take our free VA 'readiness' evaluation and we'll send you a free personalised report.  
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