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Ok, let’s start by being completely transparent. Because it is super important. 
We are putting together this article from a slightly biased perspective… 
We are already huge advocates of the Virtual Assistant industry. We also draw on decades of our own combined experience with hundreds of remarkable businesses, charities, brands and organisations to say that being supported by a Virtual Assistant works! 
But you’re here because you’re probably still on the fence.  
There’s no denying that you have a need for business and / or personal admin support. Having the right person onboard will help free up your time and headspace to get back to what you do best, to do more of what you love. 
Whether your next hire for admin is your first or your twentieth, it’s always sensible to explore all your options. With the intention of keeping things simple for you, here’s our top six powerful reasons why working with a Virtual Assistant over a ‘traditional’ employee is a smart and strategic move for any ambitious business leader. 
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1. A Virtual Assistant is more COST EFFECTIVE 
There are so many significant cost savings in opting to work with a Virtual Assistant. Not only is there no working time wasted in them chatting at the water cooler or grabbing a coffee. You don’t have to worry about extra office space, equipment, holiday pay, pensions, recruitment agency fees and all the other typical overheads associated with being an employer. Even if you already have the space and infrastructure, a Virtual Assistant can be a much cheaper alternative when you consider in the true cost of recruitment. 
2. A Virtual Assistant is much more AGILE AND FLEXIBLE 
On a very practical level, working with a Virtual Assistant gives you much more flexibility in terms of working hours, patterns and across time zones and geographic boundaries. This flexibility can be a huge benefit to any entrepreneur who doesn’t fit the usual 9-5 mould. 
3. A Virtual Assistant enables you to SCALE 
As any business grows, evolves and scales. So does its need for high quality support. We have the privilege of working with so many businesses who are serially scaling the cost effectiveness and flexibility of working with a family run Virtual Assistant company like ours. This enables them to thrive with a truly scalable admin support solution. 
4. A Virtual Assistant provides a SPECIALIST SKILLSET 
Our remarkable Virtual Assistants work across multiple sectors and each with multiple clients. This agile way of working brings multiple benefits directly to a business, most noticeably is the diverse range of skills and systems knowledge acquired. All of which can be plugged right into your business. This diverse range of expertise and experience might not be readily available to you in your local talent pool. 
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5. A Virtual Assistant increases your PRODUCTIVITY 
This should be a given when you bring any new person into your business in any capacity. But sadly, it isn’t always the case and employing wrong can be incredibly time consuming, stressful and expensive! A Virtual Assistant doesn’t carry this risk and has a true invested interest in maximising your productivity. They’re naturally more skilled at enabling successful delegation, freeing you of repetitive or time-consuming tasks so that you can concentrate on continued business or personal growth. 
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6. A Virtual Assistant requires LESS MANAGEMENT 
Not all business leaders and entrepreneurs are interested in people management. It’s not unusual for some ambitious entrepreneurs to not have any experience developing and managing others. In these instances, a Virtual Assistant is a really appealing solution. Our Virtual Assistants are dedicated and seasoned remote working professionals, they’re used to working proactively and autonomously. They’re also trained and supported to the highest standards by the wider Alchemy Virtual Assistance family meaning that you don’t have to worry about any heavy or costly people related responsibilities. 
By outsourcing tasks, projects and responsibilities to a dedicated and experienced Virtual Assistant, you can better concentrate your energy, time and focus on your core competencies and strategic initiatives. Or simply improve your own well-being and work life blend.  
Whilst there are so many varied benefits and things to be gained from choosing a Virtual Assistant to support the next phase of your growth, it’s important to remember that they are still human, and a certain amount of clarity and commitment is required to ensure a peaceful, productive and profitable professional relationship is fostered. 
We hope this article helped in your decision making. Please know that we’re always at the end of the phone or email if you would like to gain more details or discuss the more specific benefits to be found in working with our multi award winning team of UK based Virtual Assistants. 
For more information about our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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