What's going on? 

As the Sales and Marketing Executive at Monkey Tree Hosting, I’ve started to learn that educating my clients and connections on how to obtain a more professional aesthetic as a sole trader, is something I can help with.... 
It’s not easy running your own business. 
It’s not easy keeping your creativity and inspiration flowing. 
It’s not easy staying calm and focused all the time either. 
It’s certainly not easy to do all the above, all the time. 
More often than not, it is the Executive or Personal Assistant that makes all the difference... 
‘Control freak’ has such negative connotations. What I really mean is, how to outsource when you’ve spent an incredible amount of time and energy building your business from scratch to hand over tasks to just anyone. 
“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard Branson 
Do you love faceless, unauthentic mass-produced gifts? We don’t! 
In fact, who does?
Back in September I set off to the New Forest with an open heart and mind for my first ever weekend Retreat. 
Just over a week ago I skipped away with a silver medal, runner up Midlands VA of the Year 2018. 
Urgh, I know, it’s a crude topic but talking about money is an integral part of any self-employed Virtual Assistant’s journey… 
One day I found the courage to acknowledge that I don’t have to be JUST Mummy. Because by nurturing, nourishing and developing myself, I’m becoming a better Mummy. 
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