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Virtual Assistant - Sarah Damani
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SARAH DAMANI Alchemy VA Executive Franchise Partner - Wellingborough, Northamptonshire   Connect with Sarah Damani on LinkedIn.  Shortlisted for PA Life Magazine's 'Rising Star' of the Year Award 2020 

Sarah Damani runs a successful Alchemy Virtual Assistance Hub where she supports multiple business owners with their PA, marketing and administration under the trusted and award-winning Alchemy brand. 
She became an Alchemy VA Franchisee in December 2019 – three months before COVID hit – and rose above the challenges of the pandemic to achieve remarkable business success in just 12 months. 
With her wealth of experience in high street retail, marketing, finance, planning, merchandising, and having worked as a small business advisor during her career, Sarah has already reached the highest rung on the Alchemy VA franchise development framework. She has also recruited a dynamic team of handpicked, high calibre Virtual Assistants to help her manage the increasing demand from clients, renovated a tailor-made home office space, left her job as a business advisor to focus entirely on growing her Alchemy VA franchise hub, and was a finalist in the ‘Rising Star’ category in the PA Life Star Awards 2020 programme. 
As a part-time firefighter, cross-fit enthusiast and proud mother of two, Sarah never shies away from exploring new opportunities. She says her determination, thrill-seeking attitude and unwavering support and backing of Alchemy VA will keep her continually striving for more. 
Get in touch with Sarah: 
01933 522195 
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Meet Sarah's Virtual Assistant Family... 

Rachel Eccles - Virtual Assistant 
Rachel has a passion for organisation, efficiency and creating memorable experiences. With a background in conference & event management, Rachel brings a wealth of expertise to her role, having successfully coordinated conferences across the globe. 
With years of experience as a Virtual Assistant, Rachel has honed her skills in streamlining administrative tasks, managing schedules, and maintaining impeccable communication. 
Outside of work, Rachel’s world revolves around her family. A proud Mum to her two daughters, spending quality time with loved ones is of utmost importance to Rachel. Cherishing the moments that create lifelong memories. When the sun is shining, you can often find her relishing the joys of outdoor dining, whether it’s a delightful lunch or a cozy dinner. 
With Rachel’s unwavering commitment to efficiency, organisation and creating unforgettable experiences, she is the perfect partner to support your business needs. Trust Rachel to keep your operations running smoothly, while adding a touch of sunshine to your professional endeavours. 
Rebecca Goldring - Virtual Assistant 
Meet Rebecca, an insanely versatile Virtual Assistant with a passion for empowerment and Baking Delights! 
Rebecca has honed her skills in providing seamless support and effective solutions to businesses across various industries. Her journey as an Alchemy VA began after embracing motherhood, as she sought a flexible yet fulfilling career to balance her responsibilities as a devoted mother to her two lovely children. 
Rebecca's previous career flourished in the construction industry, where she shined as an Executive Assistant, managing complex tasks with finesse and ensuring smooth operations for her teams. However, her professional achievements don't stop there. Prior to embracing motherhood, she spent eight successful years in the dynamic world of investments within the wealth management sector, demonstrating her prowess in financial analysis and conflict resolution. 
But Rebecca's accomplishments extend beyond her professional achievements. Her heart lies in family and community, as evidenced by her cherished moments spent with loved ones during her free time. A devoted hobby baker, she unleashes her creativity in the kitchen, crafting delectable delights that bring joy to her family and friends. 
Rebecca's commitment to making a difference doesn't end there. She dedicates a significant portion of her free time to volunteering at her children's school, serving as a governor and taking the reins as the chair of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Her involvement in organizing fundraising events showcases her leadership and organizational skills, always working tirelessly to create positive experiences and opportunities for the school community. 
As our valuable Virtual Assistant, Rebecca brings her diverse skill set, wealth of experience, and unwavering dedication to every task she undertakes. Whether it's providing essential administrative support, streamlining operations, or contributing creative ideas to enhance our clients' businesses, Rebecca's passion for excellence shines through in all she does. 
Emily Jones - Virtual Assistant 
Emily brings a wealth of corporate experience as a UK Account Manager in the fascinating world of manufacturing egg incubation equipment! In her previous role, she handled everything from crafting intricate pivot tables to managing invoicing, acing sales strategies, providing top-tier customer service, and even showcasing our products on live TV – a truly dynamic skill set! 
Fuelling Emily's passion for numbers and finance, she is currently immersed in the world of AAT studies, aiming to elevate her financial prowess and bring an extra layer of expertise to your virtual needs. 
On the home front, Emily is a proud parent to three amazing children who keep her life vibrant and fulfilling. Juggling the responsibilities of both work and family life has honed Emily's organizational skills and multitasking ability to perfection. 
Beyond the virtual realm, Emily finds solace in the great outdoors. Camping trips provide the perfect escape, and her love for speed finds expression in drag racing. Whether it’s the tranquillity of swimming or the thrill of paddleboarding, our Emily embraces the balance of relaxation and adventure. 
Emily also has an undeniable love for the ocean. Its vastness mirrors the limitless possibilities i see in every task. As your virtual assistant, Emily doesn't just bring the skills and dedication but also a genuine passion. 
Claire Robertson - Virtual Assistant 
Claire is a real pro when it comes to getting things done.  
With her awesome project management skills and business savvy, she always nails it, delivering top-notch results on time and within budget. Juggling multiple tasks? No problem for her! She's super organized and a true multi tasker.  
With over 20 years of experience as a PA, Claire's done it all – from managing events to HR to business development and more. And there is nothing more she likes than building relationships with people from all walks of life. In a nutshell, Claire's your go-to person for getting things done, she is a skilled, reliable, and fun-loving professional. 
Outside of work, Claire's all about having a blast with her husband and 3 boys. She leads an active lifestyle, hitting the tracks for some walking, running and playing tennis. And when the day finally winds down, she loves nothing more than curling up in a cozy chair with a great book. 
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