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It can feel like a big deal deciding to work with a Virtual Assistant. Then there’s the sometimes overwhelming task of choosing the right one and knowing what and how to delegate to them effectively... 

These are serious considerations and when you’re really busy and feel pulled in a million different directions it can seem like getting support from a Virtual Assistant will add to your to do list initially. 
We’ve helped countless entrepreneurial people over come these feelings and challenges.  
We get it. 
This article has been curated with some of the more common questions we’re asked with the view of making things a bit clearer and comfortable for you... 
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How much does a Virtual Assistant cost? 
Good question! It varies broadly depending on what calibre of task and person. Working with an Alchemy Virtual Assistant starts from £175 per month plus VAT.  
We’ve written a blog specifically about this before if you’d like a better understanding - How much does a VA cost? 
How do I know my data, ideas and personal information is safe with a Virtual Assistant? 
Trust is the foundation of all good business relationships. You absolutely have to be able to trust your Virtual Assistant. But leaving things exclusively down to trust is risky. 
As a starting point it’s wise to ensure that your chosen Virtual Assistant company has bespoke and comprehensive terms and conditions and/or a contract that detail their approach to confidentiality and data protection. You can also ask for evidence of insurances and ICO registration. Don’t be afraid to question working practices and cyber security. It’s also not unusual that our clients request that a Non Disclosure Agreement is signed too. 
How do I know if you’re working with a competitor? 
Whilst we take our duties to protect client confidentiality incredibly seriously, we also know the importance of honesty and openness. At Alchemy VA if we ever feel there could be any potential conflict of interests, we would say. But you can always ask! 
Virtual PA - East London
Is there a possibility that I’m far too disorganised to work with a Virtual Assistant? 
Absolutely not! You may feel incredibly bogged down and overwhelmed now but you are definitely not beyond help. We’ve supported countless entrepreneurs just like you learn to let go and trust the process to help them get organised. We’re very experienced and can guide you to identify the bottle necks in your business, prioritise your projects and tasks and get things progressing in a more organised manner. 
If you need a gentle reminder exactly WHY it’s so important to be organised you should take a look at a recent post - how getting organised can get you more business.  
How do I know what to delegate to a Virtual Assistant? 
Start with making a simple list. Consider what tasks… 
simply aren’t getting done 
you avoid and procrastinate on 
you dislike 
take you ages as they don’t play to your strengths 
This gives you a great starting point to discuss with your potential new Virtual Assistant. 
You may also find it helpful to do an audit of your time. This simply means keeping a track on where your time is spent each day, week or month. Start recording how long it takes you to complete tasks on your to do list or workflow management system. This can help you to identify what is draining your time and it also starts to give you an idea of how many hours you may need to commit for a Virtual Assistant to make a positive impact. 
We’ve complied an ultimate list of tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant you can use for reference and inspiration. 
For more information on our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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