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Five business critical areas that a human assistant can handle better than artificial intelligence. 
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in recent months it’s been almost impossible to escape the artificial intelligence (AI) debate.  
There is simply no denying that AI can enhance and augment human capabilities. 
But it simply cannot replace the unique skills and qualities that make us human! 
AI is increasingly being used to perform tasks that sit firmly within the scope, responsibility and capabilities of a talented human fulfilling an assistant role. While AI can certainly perform many of the tasks that a human assistant can, it’s our view that it is unlikely to completely replace the role of a human assistant in the near future. And yes, we have validated this by using AI to do some homework for us! 
We know that a truly great assistant isn’t simply performing tasks. 
They are anticipating needs, offering holistic advice, operating from a place of empathy, and understanding for specific people’s needs, habits and preferences. While AI can provide some level of personalisation, it is simply not yet capable of matching the level of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that a human assistant can offer. 
This being said, as AI technology continues to advance at lightspeed, it’s naïve to not understand that the role of human assistants will evolve. Smart human assistants (like the Alchemy VA Family) are leaning into technological advances to leverage it to bring even more value and capabilities to the business leaders they support. AI may be used to handle routine and or repetitive tasks, if this can free up human assistants to focus on higher level responsibilities that require human intelligence and creativity in a more impactful and meaningful way – why wouldn’t we? 
Here are those five business critical areas that AI simply can’t replicate…  
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1. Emotional intelligence: While AI can recognise and classify emotions, it cannot truly understand them or empathise with humans in the same way that another human can. 
2. Creativity: AI can create content such as music, art, content and copy. But it is still limited by the algorithms and data it has been trained on. Humans have the ability to generate original and innovative ideas that AI cannot replicate. 
3. Critical thinking: AI can analyse data and make decisions based on that analysis. But AI lacks the intuition and judgment that humans possess. Humans are much better at weighing different factors and making complex decisions based on incomplete information. 
4. Social skills: AI can simulate conversations and interactions, but it lacks the understanding of human social cues and context. Humans are better at building relationships and navigating complex social situations. 
5. Ethical decision-making: AI makes decisions based on data and rules. It lacks the ability to make ethical judgments. Humans are obviously much better at understanding ethical dilemmas and making decisions based on values and principles. 
So, in our view, while AI has made truly remarkable strides in recent times and continues to evolve at a staggering rate, there are still so many business-critical areas where it cannot fully replace human beings. 
And it’s no secret that having the right assistant on your side (whether they are virtual or not) can be a game changer. 
What is stopping you getting the support you and your business so deserve? 
For more information about our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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