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Hire a VA, you say?  The role of a Virtual Assistant and why you need one… 

“I don’t need an assistant. It’s not like I’m a millionaire or anything”, said no one…actually, probably quite a few people - but assistance isn’t just for the few, and in this article, we look at why. 
But first… 
What is a Virtual Assistant? 
Virtual Assistant Franchise
‘Assistant’ can conjure up visions of Miranda Priestley (The Devil Wears Prada), chastising her subordinates for sub-par coffee in 00’s New York - safe to say - it isn’t that. 
• right hand 
• the cherry on the outsourcing cake 
• a breath of fresh air 
• the trusted sidekick I didn’t know I needed 
• a mega efficient lifeline 
…all things we’ve been described as and more, virtual assistant's provide services to business owners that not only help in the immediate but also play a fundamental role in freeing up valuable time, space, and energy in the long-term. 
Creatives, marketers and often business owners themselves (like some of ours), Virtual Assistants are expertly placed to deliver marketing, creative, financial, and administrative expertise to clients, weaving themselves into the fabric of their business. In doing so, clients can focus on growth, opportunities, and direction, knowing their day-to-day activities are taken care of. 

What kind of services can a Virtual Assistant provide? 

Perhaps you already know what you need. Virtual assistance is simply a time-saving exercise for you, and that’s totally ok. But, dig a little deeper, and we may find collaboratively that we can help you in so many more ways.  
For example: 
Are your inventive juices drying up? Unfortunately, creativity and consistency are nearly always the first to suffer when the schedule gets full. Alchemy VA will keep you accountable and build and maintain momentum with your social media presence, from ideation to post scheduling. 
Need content ideas? We’ll research valuable content in demand for you, helping you keep ahead of the game and keep your eyes on your work. 
In the pursuit of perfection? A second set of eyes can be the difference between getting the gig or not, so proofing and editing are firmly in our wheelhouse to help you get the job done. 
Marketing is seemingly on point, but engagement is falling flat - Your Virtual Assistant can support you with lead generation, market research, communication touch points and analytics to help you create demand and nurture it when it comes flooding in. 
Creative is locked down, but admin is causing a headache - It’s not for everyone, but admin is a must, and at Alchemy VA, we LOVE an organised business - tidy ‘desk’, tidy mind and all that! We love nothing better than helping our clients get in administrative shape, be that with templates and contract support, financial administration (chasing those pesky invoices), and anything to take away the heavy organisational lifting, creating space and energy for what you do best. 
Need control amongst the chaos? Sometimes you just need help. 
Virtual PA Franchise
How do we do it? 
We believe that a Virtual Assistant worth their salt takes time out to understand the client inside out, first and foremost. We ensure we understand what you need and when - there is no one-size-fits-all here at Alchemy VA. Together we’ll discuss your current situation, needs and goals and regularly review them so we can help create a support roadmap, ensuring the essentials are taken care of. 
Need to dial up in times of seasonal change and growth?  
No problem. An Alchemy Virtual Assistant allows complete autonomy and flexibility to meet the needs of your business and grow with you as you navigate the market. 
But do I need a Virtual Assistant 
The tangible benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are many and easy to quantify in terms of value. But there is so much more to consider too. 
Sure, some jobs ‘might not take long’, or you can ‘do them yourself’ - but, over time, small jobs become bigger, and there’s always more. So, before you know it, what was once a quick five minutes becomes a time-sucking anvil around the neck, preventing you from getting on with the good stuff. 
Help from a Virtual Assistant can allow you to pick up your children from school, practice proper self-care - not a hastily applied peel-off mask before bed, take that art class or train for that triathlon, or just get to watch that box-set that’s waiting for you. Priceless. 
Virtual Assistant Services UK
All these things and more, whatever helps you rejuvenate and refresh, in turn, allows you to flourish professionally, giving you more creative space to think, plan, and do. It’s hard to envisage growth and development when you’re constantly back-peddling, attempting to be everything to everybody. 
When asking yourself if you need a Virtual Assistant, think about what balance and control mean to you. Where are they lacking in your business, and how does that impact your personal life? You might need just a few hours of support or an intensive extension of your business - either way and everything else in between, a Virtual Assistant can be integral to reaching your goals, whatever they may be. 
Get in touch to discover more information and better understand how our award-winning virtual assistant services could benefit your business.  
Or you can learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy VA here. 
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