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Discover what Virtual Assistant services are making an impact to small businesses 

What are the most popular Virtual Assistant services?  
Read on for meaningful insights into what Virtual Assistant services are making the most impact to our incredible clients across the thriving Alchemy VA franchise network. 
We get asked what a Virtual Assistant actually does an awful lot. It’s a topic of conversation we love as there’s such depths to explore! 
But, in the interest of keeping things simple… 
A Virtual Assistant creates more time and headspace by taking care of a variety of small business support activities. 
What those support activities are will vary greatly by two main defining elements: 
One - what the client needs 
Two - what the Virtual Assistant has in their skills and experience tool kit 
Today we’d like to stick to what we know best and that is what Virtual Assistant services our brilliant clients tell us that they value the most.... 
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Top 3 in demand Virtual Assistant services: 
1) Social Media Management 
We expect our clients to have a strong grasp on their strategy, defined audiences and expected outcomes. If they haven’t, we always recommend a few trusted marketing strategists who we know excel in these areas. 
When there’s a clearly defined vision, that’s where a Virtual Assistant thrives and can deliver real value. 
We love taking care of a range of social media activities to get the key messages out there.  
This could be… creating beautifully branded social media graphics or logo stamped images, taking the time to engage with people who have commented or liked social media content (social media is social after all) responding to direct messages, researching future topics and ideas that align to the purpose of the brand, reviewing effective hashtags or preparing and analysing performance statistics to identify future improvements. 
2) Email Management 
As our Founder Suzy says, your inbox is a bit like a big ‘to do’ list that absolutely anyone can scribble new tasks on. It’s no wonder we all get inbox overwhelm from time to time! 
Having an experienced and dedicated Virtual Assistant helping you keep on top of your inbound and outbound emails can be a total game changer. 
Whether your Virtual Assistant is carrying out a one off inbox detox, filing and unsubscribing things more regularly, responding to things on your behalf, dealing with enquiries, monitoring group inboxes or simply keeping an eye out for things that need adding into your workflow system. 
Granting someone access to your emails is a big deal, one that requires suitable due diligence and a lot of trust. When the finer details are taken care of, there are many ways we can make a difference. 
3) Diary Management 
Diary support is a sometimes surprisingly broad topic. Effectively managing a diary isn’t just about slotting meetings in here and there. When it’s done properly, it’s a much deeper and vaster job covering tasks like… creating agendas, circulating joining details, arranging suitable meeting spaces, taking minutes or actions, preparing reports, papers or presentations, ensuring adequate preparation, thinking and rest space is built in and the list goes on. 
Our holistic, supportive and proactive approach to diary management is one of the things our wonderful clients tell us that they value the most. 
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For more information on our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about VA franchise opportunities please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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