How to be a Virtual Assistant UK
Virtual Assistant - Our Definition 
"A self-employed superhero who creates more time and headspace in the day for their clients whilst working from home." 
So many people are drawn to the flexible and 'dreamy' Virtual Assistant lifestyle... Instagram worthy coffee shop working and home offices, afternoon trips to the park, enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine after dropping the kids off at school... 
But it's not all roses, here are three surprising truths about being a self employed Virtual Assistant. 
It’s lonely! 
Working flexibly from home brings a wealth of benefits: 
• Working in your pjs 
• Sticking the washing on when you’re making a coffee 
• Taking a nap because you feel like you’ve not slept in years 
• Taking in deliveries, sometimes for the whole neighbourhood 
• Not having to fit personal errands in to your lunch hour 
• Binging on Netflix on your lunch break 
• Not having to put up with office more smelly microwave office lunches, awkward small talk in the lift or ‘who’s got my mug’ dramas 
• Enjoying a relaxing bath in the afternoon - a 'bathternoon' as it’s known at Alchemy Virtual Assistance HQ 
The list goes on... 
But, working from home can be lonely! 
We’re always banging on about the importance of a supportive community and strong network for the benefit of your business but it’s also imperative for your mental health too. 
Growing a Virtual Assistant business is a rollercoaster and choosing to work for yourself from home can be isolating and lonely. It can mean that there’s no one to rant to, no one to share your challenges and triumphs with and no one to help lift you up on those difficult days. 
In our opinion, an integral part of growing your Virtual Assistant business is to grow your professional network into a supportive, collaborative and trusting one. 
Become a Virtual Assistant
TOP TIP - coworking spaces are great for combating loneliness. You get all the good office vibes without the b*llshit. They’re also great places to informally network and meet new potential clients as most people who use coworking spaces are freelancers or run their own businesses. 
It’s the greatest period of growth you’ll ever know! 
I’ve learned far more in the last few years in business than I have in my entire career to date!  
Ok, I accept that I may have simply been in the wrong jobs in the past but seriously, starting a Virtual Assistant business is the greatest period of growth and development I’ve ever experienced. All the training courses, books, podcasts, webinars and seminars in the world won’t prepare you for quite how much of a steep learning curve starting your own business is! 
TOP TIP - resilience, motivation and determination are your greatest allies. Do what you need to do to keep these all important ‘tanks’ topped up! 
Virtual Assistant Franchise
It’s tough! 
I’ve given up so many times I’ve lost count. Anyone that says they haven’t, in my opinion, are either lying or not trying hard enough! 
Yes, it is HARD work! 
When you’re building a Virtual Assistant business that holds importance to you whether it be financially, emotionally or both, you will have times when it’s overwhelming, exhausting, exposing and painful.  
There’s lots of lessons to learn and even more to do, but the important thing is that you don’t give up! 
TOP TIP - your support network and coping strategies will help keep you focused, driven, motivated and on the right path to a successful Virtual Assistant business. 
If you’d like to learn more about life as a Virtual Assistant and explore how you can become a successful and happy Alchemy Virtual Assistant, you can book in a free chemistry call with me here. 
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