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Three powerful ways a Virtual Assistant can help grow your business. 
At Alchemy Virtual Assistance it’s never JUST about the admin. 
Our collective and varied experience makes us naturally look at the bigger picture. We are curious, commercially aware and proudly flex our business acumen when it’s needed and appropriate to do so. 
We proudly champion best practice and take a consultative approach meaning that our clients tap into our vast experiences wearing hats such as Business Advisors, Executive Assistants, Team Leaders and of course professional Award Winning Virtual Assistants
A professional Alchemy Virtual Assistant can be a powerful strategic partner to your business in so many ways... 
Our clients come to us for a diverse set of reasons but one of the most common reasons is the deep desire for meaningful and sustainable business growth, whilst retaining sanity and balance. 
Here are three powerful ways a virtual assistant can help you achieve just that: 
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1. Time - the big one and the most obvious. 
A Virtual Assistant can help on a practical level by taking on tasks that either aren’t enjoyable, are time consuming or repetitive.  
Giving you more time for revenue-generating activities, quality time with your family and friends, to indulge in all those new hobbies you've always wanted to do, or perhaps simply to get on with the more enjoyable aspects to your business. 
Afterall, no one starts a business to do the admin!  
Well, apart from perhaps us Virtual Assistant's! 
2. The client experience  
As Virtual Assistants, we fully embrace technology and automation. We all live in a fast paced digital world and most of our clients see the real value (and competative advantage) that comes in delivering exceptional service. A real life assistant can be a big part of that.  
Our clients see the value of having a REAL person answering the phone or responding to emails.  
As well as the great service itself, it also helps strengthen the image of success. For our consultant and coach clients, it gives the perception of a much 'bigger' business. A professional Virtual Assistant can be a powerful ‘buffer’ between the client and the business owner. This is particularly important for those selling their experience, wisdom and guidance in timed sessions. 
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3. Accountability 
Our personal favourite and not something people necessarily consider as something a Virtual Assistant can help with.  
As an ex corporate Executive Assistant (used to supporting Board Level Executives), this is just a natural way of working for me and it’s so important when you work for yourself.  
We hold our clients accountable for their actions. Not in a nagging ‘have you done it yet’ type way I might add. But a lot of our clients really benefit from regular check-ins, brainstorms or planning sessions. Beyond the obvious benefits of this, the more informed your Virtual Assistant is, the more value they can bring. 
If you'd like to explore more of the benefits of working with a professional Virtual Assistant, get in touch. 
There's no business (or project) too large or small and there's no such thing as a stupid question. 
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