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Virtual Assistants: Successful Small Business Owners Secret Weapon 

Written by: Suzy Sanders 
As the business support sector continues to boom and the UK Society of VA’s reports a 9% increase in Virtual Assistants registering as members*, whether you’re familiar with the term and concept or not, VA’s are here to stay. 
This short article outlines the main benefits of working with a professional, experienced Virtual Assistant covering the obvious and not so obvious. Please note, the use of the word ‘with’ here. When I reflect on our most successful client relationships, it’s always those who view the relationship with their Virtual Assistant as a respectful, trusting and strategic partnership who gain the most value. 
Before going into more detail, let’s start off with a few pros and cons of working with a Virtual Assistant... 
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A flexible staffing solution – scale up or down your Virtual Assistant support to suit your business needs. 
Low commitment – there’s no scary HR stuff to worry about. 
Cost effective - You will pay your Virtual Assistant for 100% productivity – no time or pounds wasted chatting at the water cooler or making coffee. 
A great Virtual Assistant is also a savvy business owner which means you can benefit from tapping into their connections and networks too. 
Your Virtual Assistant will have true and unparalleled vested interest in your business from a commercial perspective.They’ll also become a trusted advocate of your brand. 
A professional Virtual Assistant will also bring extra skills, experience and a removed perspective to the party. 
It’s a commitment in terms of both money and time. 
The best Virtual Assistant in the world will still need some level of instruction and guidance on how you expect things handled and why. 
The communication and instruction will be ‘top loaded’ at the start of the relationship, so you’ll need to have some headspace to commit. 
Your Virtual Assistant will work ‘virtually’ and won’t be sitting in your office every day. So, there’ll be no physical popping over to their desk to discuss a task. But, there are obviously many other great ways to communicate. 
If you do have an office and you work best physically around people, you may wish to spend some time considering if your specific needs can be met virtually. 
A Virtual Assistant will have other clients too. Now, this isn’t to say that your business needs won’t be top priority, but a professional Virtual Assistant won’t be at your beck and call 24/7. 
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This article was written for and first appeared in London Business Magazine as well as Global Woman Magazine. 
View the original article to continue reading and take a deeper look at the vast benefits of working with a professional Virtual Assistant. 
For more information on our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about VA franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
* Source: UK VA Survey v12 from The Society of Virtual Assistants 
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