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Six simple, free and under recognised tools to help make running your business easier. 
Whilst some days you can’t beat a good old fashioned notebook and pen, we do love a bit of tech! But, technology doesn't have to expensive, overwhelming or faffy! Here are our six favourite, free and totally underrated tech programmes and applications to help you make running your small (yet ambitious!) business easier... 
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number One: Colour Picker 
Colour Picker is a great tool for 'lifting' colour codes from logos for use in Canva*. As a site, it doesn’t look great but it is a really handy online tool to help you create consistently, complementary colourful or branded social media graphics and other documents. 
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number Two: Microsoft Bookings 
If you use Microsoft Office 365 and you haven’t got an online diary sorted - please don’t pay for one! 
Bookings is included with most subscriptions and it’s really simple yet comprehensive. Bookings is intuitive and straight forward to set up, it captures a sensible level of detail, can be customised with ‘buffers’ so you’re not double booking or meeting hopping. It also links straight into your diary (and Teams) allowing you to arrange automatic online meetings where all you need to do it show up! 
Virtual PA, Wellingborough
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number Three: WhatsApp  
A popular messaging tool but with clearly defined boundaries, WhatsApp can be a pretty nifty business tool too. The desktop version mirrors the mobile app and is great for instant team communication and file sharing. 
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number Four: Teams 
Microsoft Teams is a great free alternative to Zoom. Why pay for Zoom for online meetings when you can get very similar functionality with Teams for free? Sure, it’s a little more clunky but it does the job and we all know if we watch the pennies.... 
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number Five: Mural 
Online visual collaboration, Mural is a very cool digital workspace for visual projects and people. As used by IBM and Zapier! 
Virtual Assistant Top Tool Number Six: RecordIt 
Record It is a great app for recording your mobile screen. Ideal for preparing tutorials, walk thoughts, demos and much much more on the go. It’s free (with ads) and you can record with the microphone on or off. If you’re using an iPhone it’s really easy to cut, edit and crop your recording straight from your handset. 
Feel free to get in touch with our team of professional Virtual Assistants if you'd like any support with these tools or to learn more about what our services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses so impactful. 
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* if you don’t know about Canva, have you been hiding in a cave for the past few years?! It’s a brilliant programme (with both free and paid subscriptions) which empowers almost anyone to become a graphic designer! 
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