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Noun: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 
That aim or purpose is so deeply personal. No one can truly define or judge success better than you! 
Now, let’s be frank... 
Running a business can be tough. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. One thing I attribute to the success of my Virtual Assistant business is the incredible support I’ve had from my personal and professional network. 
Having someone you can call on when you’re hurtling downwards on that rickety rollercoaster has been invaluable to me in remaining focused, driven and sane! But also, the joy of having supportive, understanding people to celebrate with and revel in the dizzying heights. 
In celebration of success, in all its forms, here are some habits, rituals, beliefs and insights from a few successful businesswomen we are fortunate enough to know... 
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“The habit that contributes to my success is to make time to connect with people.  
Whether that's face-to-face, over the phone or Skype. I think this is vital to build a genuine and trusted relationship. It may not result in work straight away, but that's not the sole point.  
It's to help and support people on their journey and also to learn from others. It also helps me to explore the blind-spots I have in my approach to business and connecting with my ideal customer base. 
My guilty pleasure is watching The Hotel Inspector and using the business tips Alex recommends to hotels and seeing how I can use the concepts in my own business!” 
Leyla Okhai, CEO & Director of Diverse Minds UK 
I help workplaces create equal, happy and mentally healthy workplaces through speaking, coaching, training and consultancy. 
How to be a VA
“For me, being successful boils down to a willingness to ask WHY?  
And here’s why I think asking why is so fundamental: 
When you hit a problem it’s easy to tell yourself it’s not working and give up. But if you’re willing to delve into WHY you have a problem, it opens you up to finding a solution. 
Asking why is the most motivating question you can ask yourself. If I see someone who’s doing an amazing job and enjoying the kind of success I aspire to - I don’t feel envy or spite. I ask myself why they’re so successful. Sometimes I decide that I’m not willing to do what they’re doing (and that’s ok!)...but other times I’ll learn from them by analysing how they do things and I’ll try to emulate them. 
In order to improve, you have to ask why. Wanting to know why makes me curious and ready to learn and get better. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut - doing certain things because it’s how you’ve always done it. But if you ask yourself why you’re doing it, and the answer is “I don’t know” helps you to look more critically at where you need to change things up.” 
Anna Iveson, Founder of VA Zoom. 
The online platform connecting business owners with a Virtual Assistant they can trust 
Virtual Assistant Franchise UK
“One of the things me and a few colleagues I’ve previously worked with believe in is the 'Recruitment Gods'. If you’re quiet and you start putting the activity in – making calls, sending emails etc – you will get busier. It won’t be with the people you’ve put the effort in with, but the 'Gods' will see that you’re making an effort and work will come your way. 
The other thing that I would say contributes to my success is that, after 11 years working in corporate, wearing the suits and talking the b*llshit, I find that my clients seem to prefer the 'real' me. 
I’m a human being who genuinely cares about them and their company rather than just hitting a sales target. My clients realise that, not wanting to be too cliché about it, when they work with me they are helping to pay for my girls’ gymnastics classes rather than lining the pockets of a bigger brand.” 
Leanne Niles, Director - NCN Resourcing 
Recruitment with a personal touch 
My habit, which is now regular is to do a morning meditation practice of 20-30min, I practice an extended version of primordial sound meditation (which is very similar to transcendental meditation). It brings me peace, clarity and energy throughout the day!” 
Jelena Radonjic - Career Coach, What Work 
Recognising our potential and value is not enough to push us forward. Nor is recognising the obstacles alone. It is having new FRESH INSIGHTS into both, and actually doing something about it. However, "doing something about it" usually requires a lot of thought and planning and constitutes the first step towards INSPIRED ACTION. 
We’re always focused on forming new friendships, whether it be business owners seeking Virtual Assistant support or talented business support professionals wishing to become successful Virtual Assistants. 
If you’d like to learn more about how Alchemy Virtual Assistance can support you in achieving business success or explore contributing to future blogs, please get in touch. 
Warmest wishes, 
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