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One simple tactic that will generate you time.  There’s one small and very simple thing you can do today that has the potential to save you a LOT of time in the future...  Without hyping it up too much, it will completely change your perspective too.  The one simple (and free) thing you can do to save a lot of time in the future, starts with where you spend your time and focus today.  Keep a track of your time.  Start a time log or task audit. Start a new successful habit of recording what tasks you work on throughout your working day or week and make a note of how long you spend on each task. 

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Because when you have sight of what tasks you’re responsible for you’re able to make some meaningful changes. Keeping a track of both time and task enables you to… 
identify what is sucking the most of your time 
understand how much time you’re working - the mental burden can often feel a lot different to the practical burden 
spot where the bottle necks are in your business 
asses where improvements and time savings could be made 
see what could be delegated efficiently 
start to identify trends and patterns 
make sure that you’re charging for your services correctly 
This doesn’t have to be a complex activity and as a family run Virtual Assistant company, we are all about supporting you in working your way. So here are a few ideas and ways in which you can adopt time tracking in your business: 
run the stop watch on your phone or laptop 
make a physical note in a notebook or paper diary 
use ‘appointments’ log the time in your electronic diary 
keep a spreadsheet 
use a time tracking app on phone, computer or device such as Toggl Track 
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However you decided to track your time, consistency is key! Track every call, action and email. As a business owner, your time is the most valuable asset to your enterprise. It might be surprising where yours is being sucked! 
Once you are in the habit of recording your time and activities, you’ll have some meaningful data to work with. Helping you make informed business decisions and work much for proactively in a way that’s aligned to your goals instead of reactively responding. 
Your time log will also give you a chance to reflect on your priorities and confidently ask yourself ‘what could someone else take off my hands?’. You’ll also know how long you expect it to take. This will all help you start to delegate more effectively to your team or is the ideal starting point for getting a professional Virtual Assistant embedded into your business. 
For more information on our award-winning virtual assistant services or to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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