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How to avoid your admin support becoming a false economy... 

A false economy is an action that saves money at the beginning but which, over a longer period of time, results in more money being spent or wasted than being saved. 
The simplest and best way to avoid falling into the false economy trap is to think about the long game. It may feel difficult to look too far ahead when you’re so bogged down, feeling so overwhelmed and heading to burnout as the weight of your business responsibilities weigh heavy on you. But, if you can make the space to seriously consider what Virtual Assistant services you need right now and what will your growing business need in the future it’ll help you assess your options and lessen the risk of making any decisions that could result in a waste of money or time in the future. 
Sure, other admin support solutions may appear cheaper now. But when thinking strategically about the long game, if you’re investing any of your incredibly precious time and money, you need to know you have high quality, experienced, efficient and consistent Virtual Assistant support LONG TERM. 
At Alchemy VA our promise is to always be here, as little or as long as needed. As an established family run Virtual Assistant business, we’re not going anywhere.  
We’re big enough to fulfill our promises but we’re still small enough to care. 
We’re not going to go back to employment, or to favour another client project, to go out of business and leave you in the lurch or even ‘change direction’.  
The main reason we focus on growing our experienced, caring and diligent Virtual Assistant team is so that we can keep up with our phenomenal client’s business growth. 
Their growth and expansion is ours too.  
Our wonderful clients inspire us to continually strive for more. 
Having said that, it’s a (sometimes unspoken) and very bittersweet understanding we have. We know that there is a lifespan on the intensity of our client relationships. 
In doing our job well, we make meaningful impact - saving our clients time and headspace. We enable our clients to do more of what they love and more often than not, that contributes to growth. 
In that growth comes change and increased demand.  
The Alchemy Virtual Assistant family work very closely and collaboratively. We lean on each other to bring the most value to our clients. We also have the courage and integrity to know when it’s time to let go. We commit to support our clients in finding the right solutions for them, even if it’s at our commercial detriment. We are always thinking of the long term interests of our clients.  
That’s always the priority. 
This level of vested interest, strategic view and commercial awareness is hard to find in other flexible, ‘cheaper’ temporary staffing solutions. 
It’s all about balance and whilst we’ve been focusing on the long term, let’s take a moment to get back to the here and now... 
Let’s be real, the mental burden of certain tasks can make them feel a lot bigger, longer or more time consuming. It’s both the mental and practical burden that needs easing. 
An experienced, high calibre Alchemy Virtual Assistant will recognise that and be confident in working with you holistically. They will very often be able to diligently do the job to meet your high standards in far less time because they’ve done it for many, many others before. 
Let’s look at a real life example together... 
That PowerPoint you need to put together. You can see it, you know what you want to cover and say. It’s a really important presentation, you want to be preparing yourself to deliver it confidently but, all you can focus on is how it’s going to take you AGES to make it work and look good. It needs to be slick, branded, very visual but not too flashy... 
You’re brilliant at delivering presentations but get really annoyed about creating them. 
Your Alchemy VA has the skills to not only meet the visual brief to a high standard in a time efficient way. They’ll also be able to extract your vision from your head (or the scraps of paper your notes are written on) because they do it day in day out and they’ve done it for many, many others before. 
This is a great way to demonstrate both the soft and hard skills you need to consider in your Virtual Assistant. Sure, your potential new admin support may have PowerPoint experience (for example) but do they have the emotional intelligence, instincts and natural curiosity to make the process as simple and smooth as possible for you? 
Being supported by an Alchemy VA starts from £175pm. 
It’s always our preference to start slow and steady, so we can really get to know each other and understand the inner workings of your business. The vast majority of our clients are blown away what can be achieved for that level of commitment.  
If this sounds good but you’re still unclear how it all works, we’d love to chat and help you establish what Virtual Assistant support you need short and long term. 
We’ve got you and trust us, we have no interest in false economies. 
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