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Let's start with WHY exactly is it so important to be organised. In our experience there are six main reasons why our amazing clients feel it’s important to be organised and trust us to help them. 
1. Happiness 
2. Fulfillment 
3. Credibility 
4. Productivity 
5. Sustainability 
6. Profitability 
Let’s go a little deeper on each of these now... 
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Happiness - the most important one. 
If you’re organised - you run the day, it doesn't run you. And if you run the day, you’ll make the best use of your time and therefore have more time and energy for joy in your life and business. 
And isn’t happiness and joy what makes a human life an existence? 
Closely linked to happiness. Being organised allows you to adopt and adapt yourself to meaningful work. 
By meaningful we mean important, significant. 
Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? 
To make a worthwhile contribution, tangible impact? 
To make a difference. 
The one that’s often overlooked. Our Virtual Assistant business has always been focused on building mutually respectful and meaningful, long term relationships. 
Being organised contributes to this many ways. 
Most significantly, if you’re organised in your life and business, you can deliver sustainable and consistent results and interactions. Being organised means that you have the time, energy and inclination to do what you said you would, what you set out to do. 
After all, actions speak far louder than words. Being organised allows you to build trust. It’ll be no surprise when we remind you that people do business with people that they know, like and trust. 
To achieve or to be able to produce something great. 
That’s what being in business is all about, right? 
In order to do great things, we need to be meticulous and organised in our plans and actions. Wandering aimlessly without a map only means that we will get lost. Getting organised helps you keep on track and stay in your lane towards productivity. 
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Being organised helps you avoid burnout. Starting, running, growing and scaling a business is tough. As your operations evolve, so must you. 
Laying solid, organised personal foundations allows you to maintain focus and momentum and avoid that hurtling down the hill really fast feeling which inevitably ends in overwhelm and in time burnout. 
According to a 2017 survey by cloud accounting software company Xero* - 78% percent of owners of startups (businesses less than 2 years old) report burnout. 
That percentage increases as the business ages. Businesses around from years 2 to 10 experience the highest burnout, at 86%. 
But once the business passes the 10-year mark, it gets better. Owner burnout drops significantly after 10 years, to 65%. 
Being organised helps you avoid burnout and grow your business in a sustainable way. 
To many small yet ambitious business owners, time is money. So, if you’re not organised and making the best use of your time, you have less chance of maximising your profit. 
Discover simple yet powerful ways of getting and staying organised in our Founder’s latest mini book - The Alchemy of Getting Organised
To discover more about how our award winning Virtual Assistant services can help you stay organised and get more business. 
Or to discover more about our Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities, please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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