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The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 7: Alchemy VA, Senior Franchise Partner Gemma McMillan  I would never have known how capable I could be without this. 

Today, we sit down with Alchemy VA’s Northampton franchise owner, Gemma McMillan. Not only an incredibly successful Virtual Assistant but a formidable businesswoman and a fantastic singer. She also has the most infectious laugh! 
With a career that juggles numerous requests and specific skills, Gemma opens up about her ever evolving relationship with purpose and how adaptability is her secret to success.  
Gemma shares her struggles with overthinking, her go-to techniques to find peace and the importance of continually realigning with the reasons behind your why. 
We had a real giggle with this one, and we covered some insightful business boosting topics! 
If you feel like you’re tackling multiple purposes and unsure how to manage them effectively, this episode is for YOU! 
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