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The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 6: Alchemy VA Franchise Partner Magda Bilska-Pereda  When you invest in a Virtual Assistant, you invest in your purpose. 

When it comes to running a business, we often see purpose as an end goal. But what if we view it as more of a journey, influenced by our day-to-day actions and activities? 
Today, the wonderful Magda Bilska-Pereda joins us from her home in East London for a good old natter about how purpose relates to any business. Reflecting on her role as a Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise Partner, Magda shares how supporting people through business also connects her with her life’s purpose. 
So many of us are guilty of thinking Virtual Assistants are there to tick off our to-do list. But it’s those who spot the value in their skillset that benefit so much more, from supporting your day-to-day, becoming your soundboard and buddy to simply giving you peace of mind. Their purpose is to help you find yours, often taking the time to remind you of your why and to trust your instincts... 
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