The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast

The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 5: Self-Nurture & Wellbeing Coach Lisa Shefchick  Connecting to your calm... 

Is purpose driven by your head, heart, or everything in between?  
How can we trust our choices when we’re fighting against the social expectations and internal voices preventing us from being our authentic selves? 
Self-nurture and well-being coach Lisa Shefchick has faced these hard questions on her journey to purpose.  
Using her unique talents to help others understand the importance of listening to your body to create a sense of calm in this hectic world. And positively transcend these skills into every part of our lives, businesses, and mindsets. 
In this episode, Lisa talks about how a holistic approach can bring focus to what your body is saying and allow you to trust that gut feeling. Because, at the end of the day, how will you ever know your true purpose if you don't know yourself? 
We can’t wait for you to hear her insight, so let’s go! 
Virtual Assistant, Marlow Buckinghamshire
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Huge thanks to our podcast sponsor, digital design experts DeType. 
DeType is a leading creative and digital agency based in Northamptonshire. The highly skilled and vastly experienced DeType team work smart to enhance your business ideas and evolution through bespoke websites, bold branding and video content. 
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