The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast

The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 4: Founder and Creative Director Sam Sayer.  Purpose comes down to one simple thing: is it useful? 

Sam Sayer owns founded and runs of Northamptonshire's most colourful and innovative creative agencies, Detype. From a notepad doodler to an innovative leader in graphics, web designs and illustration, Sam confesses that he has battled with the idea of purpose, with his perception evolving after a life-changing event... 
Following in his grandfather’s footsteps of leaving a legacy, Sam’s journey has led him to discover purpose in its simplest form: being useful.  
Donning many hats, including being our very own podcast sponsor, Sam is finding useful ways to help others. Whether that’s through finding his voice on social media or supporting the incredible work at Northants Community Aid
It’s a jam-packed episode filled with lots of insights and inspiration for anyone struggling to find their purpose.  
So, sit back, relax and have a listen! 
You might be surprised how the little things can make such a big impact... 
Virtual Assistant, Reading Berkshire
Useful Links & Book Recommendations: 
Sam Sayer LinkedIn 
DeType LinkedIn  
Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson 
The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber 
Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life by Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Huge thanks to our podcast sponsor, digital design experts DeType. 
DeType is a leading creative and digital agency based in Northamptonshire. The highly skilled and vastly experienced DeType team work smart to enhance your business ideas and evolution through bespoke websites, bold branding and video content. 
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