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The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 3: Entrepreneurial Trailblazer and Virtual Assistant Business Owner Sarah Damani   How lifestyle fuels purpose and resilience. 

Sarah Damani was so skilled in her role as an Advisor to small businesses across Northamptonshire that she helped one of her clients reach their wildly ambitious goal to franchise their UK operations. 
A momentous mountain climb for any brand! 
Following a hard working and successful professional relationship, Sarah made the life changing decision to become their very first Franchise Partner. Taking the already trusted and well known brand to dizzy new heights and further widening their impact and strengthening their position as a world class Virtual Assistant company! 
That company was Alchemy Virtual Assistance, and Sarah has gone on to achieve momentous milestones for herself, her team and her incredible clients all whilst managing all life's demands and being a dedicated and doting mother to her two incredible boys. 
Today, we discuss how purpose can be found in different ways: in the timing of your life, the change in priorities or when finding yourself creates opportunities for others. This remarkable former firefighter is now figuratively putting out fires for everyone, allowing her purpose to sustain her identity... 
This episode is for aspiring or established business owners who easily blame 'bad timing' for not starting something big! But let us ask you... 
If not now, then when? 
We can’t wait for you to hear Sarah's poignant business adventure tale from Business Advisor to Virtual Assistant business owner – so, what are you waiting for? 
Virtual Assistant Services, Reading Berkshire
Endless gratitude to our podcast sponsor, digital design experts DeType. 
DeType is a leading creative and digital agency based in Northamptonshire. The highly skilled and vastly experienced DeType team work smart to enhance your business ideas and evolution through bespoke websites, bold branding and video content. 
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