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The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 12: Experienced C-Suite Executive Assistant, Podcast Host & Guest, Mentor, Advisory Board Member and Speaker - Jodie Mears   PURPOSE IS LIKE A SANDWICH, AND WE PICK THE FILLING! 

For a C-Suite Executive Assistant, preempting the next steps and knowing the reason for every action is essential. But when it comes to purpose, Strategic Executive Assistant and recognised Podcaster Jodie Mears has a very different approach.... 
For Jodie, purpose comes from a collection of circumstantial changes, a willingness to step out of her comfort zone, and saying, “I’m ok with it”. Through seeking something different, we might just discover our passion, purpose, and legacy within the world, whatever that may be... 
And the secret to finding it?  
By being honest with yourself about what matters most and allow that penny-dropping moment to happen. It can be terrifying, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing, but as Jodie shares, it can also be the most inspiring time of your life. 
Let us know your thoughts on our last podcast episode of season one, and we’d love to know: what does your purpose sandwich look like? 
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