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The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast   Episode 10: TEDx Speaker, CEO & Award Winning Podcast Host, Leyla Okhai.  ALIGNING PURPOSE WITH SYSTEMIC CHANGE. 

Leyla Okhai is the incredible mind behind Diverse Minds UK Ltd, who is driving positive change for the well-being and mental health of companies and their employees. Leyla is utilising her personal experience and skillset to evoke systemic change, creating inclusive working environments through training, mentoring, inclusive language, and her ever-so-successful podcast
Our Founder Suzy Sanders sits down with Leyla to discuss the shift from employee to employer and how your idea of purpose moves with these life changes.  
From helping people simplify complex situations through the correct language and empowering people to find their voice to collage therapy, reciprocal mentoring and understanding ambiguous loss. 
This episode is full of insightful topics. 
Let’s get stuck in... 
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Useful Links: 
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Get to know Andréa Watts - the founder of UnglueYou who developed the Collage Coaching Technique. 
Leyla's whitepaper on inclusive language and mental health. 
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