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Marketing bods and Assistants of all kinds (personal, executive, virtual, etc.) are often bundled into the category of ‘anyone can do that job’... 
I recently wrote an article about why marketing is much more than the colouring in department these days but, still suffers with this stigma. Why?  
Because historically people haven’t truly understood what wizardry we do, and therefore haven’t been able to see the tangible value. 
Thank the stars, for people like Suzy and I, that this perception has changed dramatically in recent years with people appreciating the skill and talent involved in both disciplines. Well, I say both disciplines like they are separate entities but, in my experience, there is an awful that can be achieved to help you reach your commercial and business objectives by hiring a bloody good Virtual Assistant who will naturally become your business and brand advocate. 
Put it this way, your Virtual Assistant will need to know your business intimately (not in a weird way). They will understand your goals and ambitions, be able to assess where you are today and put you on the track to get where you need to be. They will forge relationships with key stakeholders in the business and will be passionate about understanding your customer’s needs and wants. They have the benefit of being once removed from the day to day of business and can spot opportunities for growth and improvement that might never enter onto your radar. 
Virtual Assistant UK
This might simply be by taking the headache out of admin, particularly if you’re time poor and don’t have experience of streamlining processes.  
It might be by helping to craft the tone of voice for your business – whether that be from writing your reports, implementing customer service best practice or managing your social media presence.  
Or it could be proposing a new way of communicating to customers because they see they same enquiries every day. 
I’m not saying you should expect a Virtual Assistant to wear their underwear outside of their trousers and save your whole business (although, I wouldn’t put it past Suzy and the Alchemy VA team), and I’m also not suggesting you put the whole weight of your companies success on your Virtual Assistant's shoulders.  
What I’m saying is, don’t underestimate the value a Virtual Assistant can bring to your WHOLE business. 
Although it looked cool on screen, long gone are the Mad Men days where Assistants and Marketing made the coffee and ‘fannyed around with the press releases’ (YES BRIDGET JONES!). 
*DISCLAIMER* I do still personally like to colour in 
Kirstie Looms is an award winning freelance marketing consultant who helps brands and agencies, get sh*t done! 
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