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Being a Virtual Assistant or running a Virtual Assistant business? 
There are HUGE differences between the two… 
You’re reading this because you’re interested in the Virtual Assistant space. You’re probably really keen on enjoying all the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment that can be found in truly remote work. You likely also feel an affinity with Alchemy VA.  
As the only family run Virtual Assistant company in the UK (possibly the world!?) we are fortunate to attract a lot of brilliant people who wish to be trained and supported by us. 
One of the most common questions we get asked from people wishing to join our thriving Virtual Assistant family is one about the differences between our Virtual Assistant roles and our Virtual Assistant Franchise Partnerships.  
So, we thought it was helpful to outline the main differences, responsibilities and requirements of both here on our blog... 
Being a Virtual Assistant and running a Virtual Assistant business are two distinct and very different roles entirely. 
Let us first look at the role of an Alchemy Virtual Assistant… 
Virtual Assistant Services Wellingborough
Our magnificent Virtual Assistants on the whole work very flexibly and remotely usually part time around their families or other responsibilities.  
Their sole focus is to support our brilliant clients with a variety of activities, tasks and projects spanning across traditional PA activities, general administration work, marketing campaigns, project coordination and also more technical tasks.  
Our Virtual Assistants are strong communicators as well as possessing the highest level of technical ability to deliver a truly meaningful experience and tangible results to our much-valued clients. 
Our Virtual Assistant roles are created and supported by our Virtual Assistant Franchise Partners as they continue to increase their impact and grow their trusted client bases as well as curate their ideal lifestyle. 
Let’s now look at the role of an Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise Partner… 
As an Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise Partner, you are a business owner in your own right.  
The phenomenal people who chose the structure and support of Alchemy to start and grow their Virtual Assistant businesses benefit from adopting our proven profitable business model, pricing structures, refined client acquisition methods and our award winning, established brand.  
They also gain knowledge and confidence through our dedicated Virtual Assistant Business Launch & Development Training programmes, resources and libraries.  
They are guided and empowered by Alchemy to achieve their personal business ambitions and they also carry all the risk and responsibilities that come with running a business. 
Virtual PA Franchise
But where there is risk there is also reward… 
As an Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise Partner, your income is derived through the profit your business generates. Put simply - owning, growing and scaling a Virtual Assistant business has greater earning potential and longer term generates much more freedom and flexibility. 
For the entrepreneurial minded individual who has a real drive to make an impact on their local community and create opportunities for others, investing in an Alchemy VA Franchise is a clear and obvious choice. 
But if your still unclear or undecided which avenue to take, that’s totally OK. It is a deeply personal choice and will depend on many factors and circumstances. Here are a few further points to reflect on to help you make a decision about which avenue to explore deeper… 
1. Do you want to enter entrepreneurship or simply enjoy another job? 
2. Does your experience and / or appetite align with the wider responsibilities of a business? 
3. What are your income aspirations? Do you want or need to remove the limits of a fixed salary? 
4. Where are your skills and passions concentrated? Do they lean more towards entrepreneurship than employment? 
5. What is your tolerance towards risk? If you are comfortable getting uncomfortable then your own business will be a bit more breezy… 
6. What does your ideal work life blend look like? Starting a business could be more practically and emotionally intensive right now, but in time your Virtual Assistant business may contribute to even greater freedom and flexibility. 
Which ever option appeals to you more, we really look forward to getting to know you better! 
You can download a Virtual Assistant Franchise information pack here. Or you can read more and discover how to register your interest in a Virtual Assistant role with Alchemy VA here. 
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