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Meet Rachel Eccles 

Rachel is a trusted Alchemy Virtual Assistant who supports our Wellingborough Virtual Assistant Franchise Hub. Rachel has been part of the Alchemy VA family for a while now and as she returns to work from a period of family leave following the birth of her daughter, we took the opportunity to showcase and celebrate her with a personal interview. 
So let's start at the beginning. Tell us about yourself…  
I’m Rachel, a mid-30s something Mummy and wife to two beautiful daughters, Isabelle and Hattie. I love spending time with my family and friends, creating memories on day trips and holidays. 
How did you first discover Alchemy VA?  
After having my first daughter in 2020 I was sadly made redundant along with a lot of people due to Covid. Having so much time off made me realise that I really wanted to spend as much time with my family as possible so maybe the office 9-5 job world really wasn’t for me. I started looking for a new adventure and came across an old school friend who lives in my village who was working as a Virtual Assistant. I reached out to Sarah Damani who ran the Virtual Assistant business and the rest, as they say, is history. 
Virtual PA Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
What do you love most about being an Alchemy Virtual Assistant?  
The flexibility is great, especially around childcare but also the variety of work that gets sent my way is amazing too. From booking conferences, getting air con units fixed, property management and setting up companies with new online systems. I never know what I am going to have in my inbox when I sit at my laptop. 
What is a typical working day like for you?  
I seem to work better in the mornings. So I am generally in the office by 8.30am. I always check my emails and make a day to-do list - I love a list! I will then put those jobs into priority order and get underway... after a cup of tea of course! I will send emails, talk to people but maybe also spend a couple of hours cleaning data bases. 
What are your favourite types of tasks or projects to work on?  
My background is events, booking and running conferences. I love organising! I set up a complete conference for a client last year. From delegate registration online, to helping find and organise speakers and on the day help and it was fab. I also find the property world really interesting. 
In your experience, what are some of the biggest benefits to clients working with an Alchemy VA?  
Being able to let go of some of those tasks that sit on your to do list for weeks or longer and ultimately gaining a bit of time back in your working day to actually do the work you are meant to be doing. 
How would you describe the dynamics of the team working in the Alchemy VA Wellingborough Franchise Hub?  
FUN!! We have some great fun, and definitely welcoming. But also there is a room full of knowledge all in different areas which is great. We all help and support each other with ideas. 
What advice would you give a business owner considering seeking out professional Virtual Assistant support?  
Take the jump. Make the commitment and investment because the rewards are definitely worth it and I see that first hand day in day out. 
Virtual Assistant Services, Wellingborough Northamptonshire
Discover more about the remarkable impact Rachel and her VA colleagues have or explore the impact and tangible benefits of plugging her specialist Virtual Assistant services directly into your small business. 
Get in touch with Sarah: 
01933 522195 
If you're curious about joining the Alchemy VA family, either as a Virtual Assistant or a VA Franchise Partner. You can discover the details here or get in touch.  
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