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Meet Paul Sanders 

Paul Sanders is Alchemy VA's Managing Director and he's been deeply involved and committed to Alchemy VA and it's purpose and vision since it's humble beginnings in 2016. Paul carries a multitude of responsibilities and ultimately ensures that the Alchemy VA Franchise family are well equipped and supported so that they can do what they do best in serving our remarkable clients.  
As part of our new Spotlight Series, we sat down recently to grill Paul on what REALLY makes him tick and what life is like at Alchemy Virtual Assistance HQ... 
So let's start at the beginning. Tell us about yourself…  
Hey, I'm Paul. By far the best titles I carry are husband & father. My family always comes first and Alchemy VA's people are definitely part of my wider family. I've learned so much since I've been a part of Alchemy VA. on One of the bigger realisations has been the understanding that I am hugely motivated by other people's success. Seeing the success people are achieving through a business model that we created is the ultimate buzz! 
What do you love most about being a part Alchemy VA?  
The crazy entrepreneurial journey! The highs, the lows and everything in between. It's a wild ride and it lights me up! My main focus at Alchemy VA is to make sure our Virtual Assistant Franchise network have what they need and that they feel supported. I do this in a very different yet complimenting way to Suzy. Whilst we operate a structured franchise model, each of our awesome Franchise Partners are all so unique. They work in different ways around different responsibilities, working to different goals and aspirations. The one thing that links them all together is that, like me, the 'traditional' 9-5 working pattern just wasn't working for them. That is exactly what I love about Alchemy VA.  
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What are some of the challenges involved in working with your wife? 
I love that you've asked that! We overcome every challenge together by agreeing to one simple rule. In fact, it's a Golden Alchemy Rule... 
Don't be a dickhead!  
And we're not afraid to pull each other up if we're in violation of this rule. On a serious note, we navigate a load of challenges day in day out. That's kinda what business is - mitigating risk and overcoming obstacles. Suzy and I have a great history and I think our mutual commitment, respect and vision for Alchemy VA and it's people is what see's us through.  
That being said, for me personally the biggest challenge is that Suzy and I don't always share the same focus at the same time. You see, we share equal responsibilities for parenting and business. So often we're tag teaming between things and our heads are in different places. But over the years we've got pretty creative at making the time and space to make sure those important conversations take place. I 
What is a typical working day like for you?  
First I parent! Getting our two up and out the house in time can seem like a full days work at times! Suzy and I try to enjoy a post school run brunch together as often as possible. Whilst we prepare, cook and eat together - we talk business. We use this time to recalibrate our priorities, bring each other up to speed on recent developments, explore Suzy's latest wild ideas and we also hold each other accountable for the commitments and projects we have on.  
My days are varied and I like it that way.  
I've set things up so I can do a big portion of my work from my mobile phone or tablet which works well for me in loads of ways. Some weeks are a lot more meeting heavy than others and I plan my workload around that in advance. I don't mind working in the evenings when the kids are in bed. I work best when I've got little chunks of time to smash through things. But I have also been known to hyperfocus until the early hours getting everything sorted! 
What are your favourite types of tasks or projects to work on?  
Show me the statistics! Data is important to me. If you want my full attention, put what ever it is on a decent spreadsheet. Forecasting and financial goal setting with our Franchise Partners is right up there too. Not just doing these things but also celebrating the journey and their successes too. And I love anything geeky relating to improving systems and processes. Looking for flaws and loop holes in things is fun too.  
In your experience, what are some of the biggest benefits to clients working with an Alchemy VA?  
Experience has shown me that its the business partner type of relationship that can be found with a professional Alchemy VA that's a huge benefit. Particularly to solo entrepreneur's. They can easily gain the business and operational support they need. But I'm told time and time again its the trusted confident and strategic sounding board that their Virtual Assistant becomes that has the biggest positive influence.  
Every business is different and the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant are endless. But it's the clients that understand the importance of delegating well and actually commit the time to bring their Virtual Assistant up to speed are the ones who often cite having much more headspace and time to dedicate to what they need to - which is ultimately what we're all about.  
Virtual Assistant Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Why would someone invest in an Alchemy VA Franchise over setting up on their own? 
Ah! Great question. Well, our model works! 
We've done the work to reduce your risk and remove a lot of wasted time figuring things out. Like all good businesses, we have established a framework that is not only proven profitable, but flexible and repeatable. We also have a recognised and trusted brand and you can't put a price on that in a busy, saturated market. 
On top of that throw in all the training, mentoring, coaching and support - it's a bit of a no brainer to an aspiring business owner who doesn't want to mess about building a sustainable and financially rewarding Virtual Assistant business.  
We make big investments to generate clients for our Franchise network too. Imagine starting your new business and being given big contracts or a steady flow of enquiries to get you started. build your confidence and turning a profit as quickly as possible... 
Why would you NOT want to join the Alchemy VA Franchise Family?! 
How do you like to unwind after a demanding day? 
I like to drive fast cars and shoot people…. 
...on my Xbox! Hahahaha! I'm a proud geek and gamer and when I get a chance, I like to get lost in online games like Grand Theft Auto. Over the years, life got busy and demanding for me and my buddies. So it's a fun and easy way for us to kick back, chat and hang out together around all our grown up responsibilities.  
When we get together in person its usually for a few drinks and a game of poker. I love the often misunderstood skill and logic that's involved with poker.  
Cooking up things in the kitchen is another way that I love to unwind. I'm the head chef and baker in the Sanders' house and I get a lot of satisfaction from preparing a meal from scratch for the family to enjoy together in the evening. Over the years I've perfected a few signature bakes as well. My cookie recipe has become legendary and a firm favourite with the wider family. I always make sure we have some cookie dough ready in the freezer for when people stop by.  
You can catch Paul chatting with Suzy in the season finale of The Alchemy of Alignment Podcast very soon! Or you can reach out and chat with Paul directly anytime. 
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