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Meet Kaeli Cowling 

Kaeli Cowling is an Alchemy Virtual Assistant who supports our remarkable clients through our Glasgow Virtual Assistant Franchise Hub, which is owned & run by the force of nature that is Laura Barley
Kaeli has extensive real world experience, her specialties being brand, marketing and administration. The richness and variety of Kaeli's career path has enabled her to infuse a wealth of skills and knowledge into her work to better support & empower our clients. 
Kaeli thrives and relishes in getting involved in all kinds of marketing focused projects. Whether is be managing data, evaluating marketing insights and performance, building and presenting briefs of varying depth and meaning, testing different digital platforms, creating and executing full year marketing plans, overseen content creation and much much more. 
As part of our new Spotlight Series, we sat down recently to explore deeper what life is like at Alchemy Virtual Assistance... 
So let's start at the beginning. Kaeli, tell us about yourself…  
In ranked order, I love: 
1. Food 
2. Harry Potter 
3. My son 
I jest, I guess my son could be second... FINE, first. 
I love to bake and decorate cakes, I am terrible at painting but pretty handy with DIY and spend 99% of my time in leggings. If I could change one thing about life in general it would be the need to sleep, why am I wasting time sleeping after all these years of evolution!? 
I became a mum 2 years ago and my life was turned upside down in the most brutal and beautiful way. I changed a lot for the better and realised that there were other things in my life I could change, with work being one of them! 
How did you first discover Alchemy Virtual Assistance? 
After my son was born, I was on the hunt for a job I could do flexibly, from home, and at any time of day. Within that search I discovered: 
a) what a Virtual Assistant was and  
b) that Alchemy VA existed! 
What do you love most about being a part Alchemy VA?  
The human feel.  
Everyone is so welcoming and nice! I got a lovely feeling about Alchemy VA from reading all about the company online, but really got a feel for it from nattering away to Suzy on our first call, to the point of running over our time! 
In terms of the work itself, it's the flexibility and trust that then enables me to do my job well both personally (Mum) and professionally (VA). 
Virtual Assistant Franchise
What is a typical working day like for you? 
I work when my son 'sleeps'. If he naps in the day, then I get some work done. If not, I start work when he goes to bed at night at around 8/9PM. 
Laura will tell you, my joy for working with spreadsheets know no bounds. But I'm also a Marketeer at heart and love strategy work, so getting to work with businesses right at the start as they build out their marketing and social plans is something I really enjoy! 
How do you spend your time outside of work? 
Surviving? I joke. But at the moment my son is at home with me all week, so we hang out all the time! He's not one for being inside, so it's doing things like forest walks, trips to the beach and the park or visiting friends and family. 
I do love to learn, so I like to research, read or listen to audio books on new subjects when I can! I recently read 'Sapiens' and have just started 'The Whole Brain Child'. 
How would you describe the dynamics within the Alchemy VA Franchise Hub you support? 
I love working for Laura! I've had a lot of managers over my career so far, and learned what it means to be a good one along the way. Laura's supportive, honest and empowering approach means I truly enjoy the work that I do. I can show up to work authentically and fit it all around my choice to be a full time Mum on the side. 
She also actually listens to my 3 minute voice notes and lets me ramble on at her about soup, what more could you want from a manager!? 
In your experience, what are some of the biggest benefits to clients working with an Alchemy VA 
It's not just the immense amount of time people and businesses can save by hiring a Virtual Assistant, it's also all the different areas that we can help with that people don't even know they can be optimising. 
We get to know you as a person and your business in detail and this in turn means we can get creative and provide solutions and support that makes sense. That could be managing rentals, social media, sourcing contractors, content creation, email organisation, spreadsheet optimisation. The list goes on! 
Hiring an Alchemy Virtual Assistant is a no brainer really... 
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