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In our fast-paced, digital world you simply can't avoid (or escape!) Social Media... 
If used correctly, Social Media can be a powerful way to strengthen your brand awareness and generate new business opportunities. Yes, there's those pesky algorithms to contend with but they exist to encourage us all to generate unique and truly engaging content to really connect with our audiences in a meaningful way. 
One thing we've noticed recently is just how anti-social it's all become! 
We're campaigning to bring back the 'social' in Social Media and here are four really simple things you can do today make your social media more well, social..
Social Media VA UK
1. Avoid the we we! 
Post as a person not as ‘we’ all the time. This brings a refreshing personal approach to posts and an element of diversity to your content. People buy from people after all. 
2. Video killed the Social Media Star! 
It’s not just the algorithms that love video! Video is the ideal way to bring a whole heap of personality to your feed. If you’re not quite brave enough to ‘go live‘, start with a few pre recorded clips or perhaps a time lapse of you showing off your craft, what ever it may be... 
3. Stock photos have no soul!  
Create your own personal stock library by shooting your own photos and flat-lays. Brand or logo ‘stamp’ your own photographs to protect them from theft but also to strengthen your brand and visual identity. Use your own images to create social media graphics in Canva. Canva is a super simple and free (to a certain level) graphic design tool. We use it to create a vast array of digital materials from downloadable 'freebies' to email headers, to presentations and 'on brand' social media graphics.  
If you'd like to learn more about our Canva tutorials or training, please do get in touch. 
4. Be Curious! 
Ask questions - view your social media platforms as more of a conversation, don’t make it too one sided and avoid the hard sell. Ask engaging questions to spark meaningful conversation about topics close to your heart and business. 
This is all well and good, but if finding the time and energy to apply this is the real challenge... 
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Our team of professional Virtual Assistant's can help in many ways: 
FREE Social Media Audit - Terms and Conditions apply 
Social Media Content Planning - a bespoke plan bursting with fresh, engaging and relevant content ideas to showcase your brand and wow your audience. 
Social Media Management - affordable yet impacting monthly service packages to allow you to drop yet another stressful time consuming task off your 'to do' list. 
If any of these float your boat, get in touch and lets chat about your challenges and needs. 
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