Just over a week ago I skipped away with a silver medal, runner up Midlands VA of the Year 2018. 
After several long months and being scrutinised by 15 industry experts and after only two short years in business in absolutely delighted with the result. 
The VA Awards were created in 2007 to support and raise awareness of the enormous value Virtual Assistants have on the business world and the benefits of a professional flexible workforce in managing the continually evolving global economic conditions of the future. 
As I sit at home gazing in awe and my beautiful trophy and after popping the rather fine bottle champagne that was gifted to me, I’m reflecting on what else I gained from the experience... 
Whilst the external validation is incredible what makes me really happy is that I know I’ve found my purpose. Not just in my VA business but by supporting other aspiring VAs. I’m so fortunate to be running a fulfilling business and seeing the positive impact we have on our clients. 
The awards were presented at the Midlands Business Expo as part of a VA Seminar. The Awards Chairman John Palmer led a seminar highlighting the VA business model, what can VA's can do and the significant benefits of working with a professional VA. 
Award Winning Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant Northampton
What a VA does... here’s the really good bit. There’s a VA for pretty much everything! Social media, general admin, event planning, research, meeting coordination, diary management, email management, email marketing, book keeping, customer service, data entry, copywriting, SEO, web design... 
Hiring a VA is easy. Hiring the right VA is slightly more tricky. There’s LOTS to consider when looking for the perfect VA. So much so, I’ll have to write another post on that... 
The benefits of working with a professional VA...VAs are incredibly resourceful and are usually well networked. A relationship with a VA should be viewed as an incredibly powerful partnership. Yes, there’s the obvious element of time but not only can they free up your time they can also help develop a growing business by bringing a wealth of experience and contacts. 
I really am so proud to be part of such as spirited, diverse and thriving industry. I’m even more proud to have scooped a regional VA silver medal! 
If you’re curious about how you could benefit from working with a professional Virtual Assistant or if you’d like to learn more about how to become one yourself, get in touch. 
We’d love to hear from you. 
The business model... It’s win, win really...  
Businesses, executives and entrepreneurs benefit from the support highly skilled Virtual Assistant without the risk and cost associated with traditional recruitment. Ideal for online businesses or sole-traders without a traditional office set up or regular and reliable patterns of work. 
The client pays for exactly what time they need making a VA a powerful and flexible solution for managing projects and seasonal demands. With no worries about equipment, software, holiday pay, pension etc and no time lost by employees chatting at the water cooler! 
The VA benefits from working from home (usually), setting their own hours and working patterns and enjoying the satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from running their own business. 
VA Northamptonshire
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