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How to maximise the outputs of your Virtual Assistant... 

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take the leap and get a Virtual Assistant on board… 
You’re fed up with feeling like you’re missing things and dropping balls. We know you’re not by the way!  
Juggling it all is understandably getting increasingly exhausting and ever more frustrating. You’re ready to level up your business operations and stop working ALL the hours you can. 
Making the decision is one thing. But how exactly do you get a Virtual Assistant on board swiftly and ensure they're actively contributing to your overall business success? 
Well, you’ve got this and we’ve got you! 
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Firstly, we’d like to suggest you take a look at our 'Ultimate Guide to hiring a Virtual Assistant' for some helpful steps, great tips and even greater perspective shifts! 
When you’ve got to grips with hiring the right Virtual Assistant, here are a few things to help you maximise the outputs of your chosen Virtual Assistant with confidence and ease! 
1. Commit time to communicate 
The better informed your Virtual Assistant is, the more value they can bring. So when you’re getting started with a Virtual Assistant be sure to ask them to schedule regular catch ups or contact points at your convenience.  
2. Train your Virtual Assistant 
Document how you want things done in a way that best suits your individual style of working. This could be written ‘how to’ guides, even screen recordings of you performing the tasks in question or even a voice note! Sure, you’ve chosen a Virtual Assistant as they’re well seasoned working remotely and most importantly - independently. But the better you train them to understand your specific needs, the quicker you’ll see bigger and better outcomes! 
3. Prioritise income generating tasks 
If cash flow is a concern for you (as it is for so many small & fast growing businesses) what tasks can your Virtual Assistant take on first that will bring the greater return?  
We wrote an article on just this recently if you'd like more detail or inspiration - Tasks Your Virtual Assistant can do that will make you money.  
4. Review and feedback regularly 
Don’t be afraid to tell your Virtual Assistant how it’s going. Trust us, they want to know what’s working well and what needs to shift. You’re both invested in the process and results. Feedback is a gift and the more often it’s given, the stronger your chances are of maximising the outputs! 
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5. Take all suggestions on board 
At Alchemy Virtual Assistance we’re proud to take a strategic and consultative approach to compliment our higher calibre support services. If your Alchemy Virtual Assistant has a suggestion, it might be because they’ve seen it work well for someone else. Perhaps that different system or slight tweak to a process might bring much better results? 
Ultimately, your Virtual Assistant wants the same things as you… for you to experience maximum outputs from the investment you’re making in them! 
Remember, your Virtual Assistant shouldn't’t be viewed as a cost to your business. It’s an investment... 
Some helpful next steps to consider... 
If you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest in our world class Virtual Assistant support, we’d invite you to take our FREE evaluation report. It takes less than two minutes to complete and we will email you a bespoke report loaded with simple suggestions and meaningful recommendations to help you. 
If you’re already ready and keen to get started with an Alchemy Virtual Assistant, you can either take a look at our amazing team's Virtual Assistant profiles or simply reach out to the friendly Head Office team.  
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