More often than not, it is the Executive or Personal Assistant that makes all the difference... 
Most successful Senior Managers and Directors at blue-chip companies know that the person co-ordinating their timetable and preparing them for every eventuality is the key to their success. Without this support, they would look disorganised and get very little achieved. 
I have seen many great people succeed beyond their expectations due to having the right support in place. If you are prepared to give your PA organisational control, the results can be incredible. 
I am lucky enough to have benefited from the wonderful support of an exceptional PA at Honeywell in Australia many years ago who made me look organised, prepared for any meeting I went into, and completely focused on what mattered. She could anticipate things I couldn't even see coming. It seemed mad that I was praised and promoted for being efficient and productive when I knew it was largely down to her skills in managing me. 
My point here is that one of the best investments you can ever make in your business, whatever the size, is a talented PA/EA. The right person can double your productivity in no time at all. 
Cameron Waldron worked in HR in Australia for CSIRO, St George Bank and Honeywell before moving to the UK where he was Operations Director for an Insurance & Finance Group for 7 years before setting up New England Financial Solutions in 2001 - primarily working as an Independent Financial Advisor building "client-friendly" life plans supported by robust financial plans. 
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