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Meet Sarah Damani 

Sarah Damani was Alchemy VA's very first Franchise Partner, launching her Virtual Assistant business in early 2020. Through her Alchemy Virtual Assistance Franchise Hub, Sarah supports multiple business owners with their PA, marketing, operations and administration activities.  
With her wealth of experience in high street retail, marketing, finance, planning, merchandising, and having worked as a small business advisor during her career, Sarah has achieved remarkable results for our clients and carved out her very own inspiring success story in the business world.  
Over the years Sarah has recruited a dynamic team of handpicked, high calibre Virtual Assistants to help her manage increasing demand from clients who often work from her tailor-made office space in Earls Barton, North Northamptonshire.  
As proud mother of two wonderful boys, Sarah never shies away from exploring new opportunities. She says her determination, thrill-seeking attitude and the unwavering support and backing of Alchemy VA will keep her continually striving for more. 
As part of our Spotlight Series, we sat down recently to explore deeper what life is really like for Sarah, what makes her tick and how she continues to brings so much value to our trusted clients... 
Virtual Assistant Services Wellingborough
So let's start near the beginning. Sarah, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
A hotel manager! Who knows why!? I wanted to be a successful business woman and I thought being a hotelier was the ultimate big shot role! 😉 
How did you first discover Alchemy VA? 
When I was working as a Business Advisor for the Growth Hub, this couple approached me wanting support to scale their Virtual Assistant business...VA’s were a relatively new concept to me at the time and I was pretty savvy to the world of business. Fast forward 5 years and we are still educating business owners on the vast and varied benefits of working with a skilled Virtual Assistant. 
What do you love most about being an Alchemy VA Franchise Partner? 
The diversity of the clients we support, the difference we make to their businesses, the feedback we get and the opportunities we create for not only our team, our clients but also our families. 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 
If you never try, you’ll never know. 
What is a typical working day like for you? 
I usually get up do some Pilates first thing whilst drinking a coffee followed by a cold shower. I am trying to incorporate 30 seconds of a cold shower as the health benefits seem staggering but this is very much a work in progress... 
Next I get the kids to school then home to get myself ready for the day. 
I'm usually in my office at around 9.30am and I spent the first two hours uninterrupted on client work &daily tasks. This blocked time has been a real game changer of late, having identified that my brain is at its sharpest and most focussed first thing in the morning. 
Then I would usually have meetings with prospective or existing clients before working on bigger project activities such as developing new services for clients, building out systems or automations, creating marketing campaigns or presentations. 
As a rule I try to finish my day by 2pm. I leave the office for a dog walk before picking the kids up. After the school run I normally have an hour or so to tie up any loose ends before I mentally switch into family mode. 
I always like to cook a nice dinner with the boys. Recently we have theme days like 'Taco Tuesdays' or 'Fast Food Fridays' as a treat! My boys share my passion and love of food and they are always keen to try the latest TikTok trends such as chicken doughnuts or tanghulu fruits – don’t try this one it ruins your pans! 😉 
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What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Trash TV! Anything I can switch off and not have to think about too hard- I'm a big fan of Goggle Box, Married At First Sight, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE or listening to Taylor Swift... is it ok to love Taylor swift at 41?! I happen to think her latest album TTPD is actually her best piece of work so far and I LOVE that there's an Alchemy reference.. “HONESTLY WHO ARE WE TO FIGHT THE ALCHEMY!” 
In your experience, what are some of the biggest benefits to clients working with Alchemy VA? 
Accountability. Sounding board. Headspace. You gain a Business Partner who will help you reach your goals and ultimately grow your business! 
What next? 
You can check out Sarah Damani chatting to our Founder Suzy Sanders on the Alchemy of Alignment Podcast here. 
Interested in chatting with Sarah about what level and type of Virtual Assistant support will make the most impact to you? You can book in an introductory call here. 
Perhaps you're not yet sure if you're ready for a Virtual Assistant? Why not take our free VA 'readiness' evaluation to gain valuable insights and personalised advice on maximising the outputs of a Alchemy Virtual Assistant.  
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