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Meet Gemma McMillian 

Gemma McMillan is one of our trusted Virtual Assistant Franchise Partners who heads up all things Alchemy in Northampton! 
Over the years, Gemma has supported a diverse and eclectic mix of brilliant clients from across the globe. It's the variety of tasks that clients trust our Gemma with that keeps her motivated and sharp. Gemma is all about precision! She's hugely focused on impact, connection and a whole heap more...  
Why not tune into what makes Gemma tick, why she chose to start her Virtual Assistant business in partnership with Alchemy VA and WHY clients chose to work with her... 
Let's start near the beginning. Gemma, tell us about yourself... 
So, I'm Gemma McMillan. I am an Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise Partner and I'm based in Northampton. I'm 40. I have a cat. I'm a singer and a punk rock band. I love doing arts and crafts and. And yeah, that's quite a lot all in one sentence. So we'll leave that one there and move up.. 
What did you want to be when you grew up? 
To be honest, I think when I was a really little kid, anything to do with working with animal! Like being a vet, although I didn't really know what that all entailed or working in a zoo!  
In my early teenage years I realised that I didn't actually really know what I wanted to do! When I finished doing my GCSE's I didn't go to university because I didn't want to get into debt. Well, I didn't know what I wanted to do. So I went out and worked.  
My first job was actually while I was still in school. I was a chambermaid for a small hotel in Newport Pagnell at the weekends. As my mum always said to me "If you want to wear those weird clothes, you're the one who's going to have to pay for them..." So I did! 
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How did you first discover Alchemy Virtual Assistance? 
OK, well, I used to work many moons ago with Paul Sanders, who is our MD. So I'd already met Suzy through Paul previously and I'd seen a little bit of what she had been up to. When Suzy bought out her first book, I got a copy. I'd always known I wanted to be self-employed but I just didn't know how or doing what!  
At the time I had so much corporate experience from a variety of settings. But I didn't really know what a Virtual Assistant was or did! In reading Suzy's book 'The Alchemy of Virtual Assistance' I started to understand what it was about, and I saw how my skills could be transferred. I finally found a business that would suit me well! 
What do you love most about being an Alchemy Virtual Assistance Franchise Partner?  
Signing up to a Franchise is a big commitment. It's a big decision to make. To trust yourself that much... But also to trust the people you're getting into business with. Trusting them to guide you, to give you the right resources and everything else. 
What I love most is that trust and all the support I've had since joining Alchemy VA. Because you do have self doubts about these things. When you start out and you don't have the confidence in your abilities and you don't feel like you know what you're doing because it's all new.  
But I always know that someone at Alchemy has got my back. 
What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? 
Actually I could take this from Suzy. It's in her book. When I started my Alchemy VA Franchise, I wrote it down on the whiteboard in my home office and it's still there... 
"If you allow a little bit of humility to show you will be met with kindness from the right people."  
This one stuck with me and. It was from our very own Suzy Sanders. So there you go! 
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What is the typical working day like for you?  
Ohh that's a difficult one. Every day is different! But that is why I love doing what I do! I'm not very good at doing the same thing all day every day.  
What's my guilty pleasure?  
It's not really a 'guilty' pleasure but I absolutely love my punk rock band! It is so much fun. I get to travel around 
the country and my band mates have became like my big brothers! We get to meet so many interesting people and visit some really cool places and learn a lot about music along the way. It's very cathartic too, being able to be so loud and just let it all out.  
In your experience, what are some of the biggest benefits to clients in working with Alchemy VA? 
I would say that there is a hell of a lot of dedication on our part! Even though, as Franchise Partners, have our own Virtual Assistant businesses, we talk to each other and support each other a lot. We're not just out on a limb running things separately. We're doing it all together and having all that expertise at your fingertips all the time is a huge benefit for our clients! It might be just us that they see and talk to, but we all have the knowledge, support, guidance and expertise of the whole Alchemy VA Team! 
Virtual Assistant Firms UK
Lastly, what would you tell someone considering taking ownership of an Alchemy VA Franchise?  
It's never going to be the right time. It doesn't exist. That is the main thing! 
Everyone will have some doubts about whether they can do something that they haven't done before. So know that you will be trained and supported!  
As I've mentioned already, the support is phenomenal. 
If you're thinking about it and you can see how this could work for you, even if you've got doubts, I'd say jump in! It's totally worth it!  
I've been here over three years and I could not imagine doing anything else now. I absolutely love what I do. The amount of learning and growth there is, and the flexibility is just great. 
What next? 
You can check out Gemma McMillian chatting to our Founder Suzy Sanders on the Alchemy of Alignment Podcast here. 
Interested in chatting with Gemma about what level and type of Virtual Assistant support will make the most impact to you? You can get in touch here. 
Perhaps you're not yet sure if you're ready for a Virtual Assistant? Why not take our free VA 'readiness' evaluation to gain valuable insights and personalised advice on maximising the outputs of a Alchemy Virtual Assistant.  
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