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In the autumn of 2016, our founder Suzy welcomed her first client as a Virtual Assistant and Alchemy VA (as it’s known today) was born…  

Fuelled by the arrival of her son and an unwavering drive to create a better balance for herself and others, Suzy and her husband Paul set about laying the foundations for what would evolve to be the UK’s only family run Virtual Assistant franchise. 
Virtual Assistant Services Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Family is at the heart of Alchemy VA, our collective purpose is best expressed through the commitment we make to grow together so that no one has to choose between their family or their work - however those things are best defined to the individual. 
Having established herself locally as the ‘go to’ high quality Virtual Assistant provider, in the early years of Alchemy Virtual Assistance, Suzy set about growing a team of high calibre Virtual Assistants to keep up with the growing demands from her clients and an increasingly high volume of future prospects.  
Suzy also dedicated her energy and expertise towards mentoring and training other aspiring Virtual Assistants wanting to forge their own paths.Continually supported by the ever encouraging and eagerly enthusiastic Paul, Suzy went on to write books, be recognised in local, regional and national business awards programs. She accepted interviews and embraced various speaking opportunities even being featured on BBC regional news!  
All further showcasing and demonstrating the unique and people centred way in which Alchemy VA continued to make a positive impact. 
Virtual Assistant Glasgow, Scotland
In 2020, three months before the pandemic took hold, Alchemy VA proudly announced its very first Virtual Assistant franchise partner Sarah Damani.  
Already having years of experience with clear ongoing success as a remote business and a stable base of remarkable clients across the world. With Sarah onboard Alchemy VA experienced a period of great growth through such uncertain and unsettling times. 
Today, Alchemy VA is led by six magnificent franchise partners and a growing team of handpicked Virtual Assistants reaching far across the UK from Glasgow to Marlow all of which are serving a thriving and entrepreneurial global client base. 
“As Alchemy VA turns 7, I can’t help but think back to the day I left employment… Honestly, I was so deeply fearful about whether it would work out for me. My biggest concern was how I would find enough clients to sustain myself and whether I had what it took to create a successful business! 
I’m not one to naturally stop and reflect, but this occasion has really encouraged me to do just that. 
Above all else, I remain deeply grateful for and committed to Alchemy VA’s remarkable people. Their deep commitment, magnificent spirit, relentless courage and inspiring drive is what has ensured Alchemy’s continued expansion. Those are the elements that empower and enable our truly wonderful clients. 
I am hugely privileged to support them all and I couldn’t be more excited for the next 7 years… and beyond!” 
- Suzy Sanders, Alchemy VA's Founder 
As the next season for Alchemy Virtual Assistance unfolds, the Alchemy Virtual Assistant family gathered in person this autumn to honour the occasion, to connect with each other and to enjoy some business birthday cake together! 
Because at Alchemy VA, we work FOR ourselves not BY ourselves... 
Virtual Assistant Franchise
Virtual Assistant Services Maidenhead
Virtual PA Services Berkshire
For more information about our award-winning virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses, or to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy please get in touch with the Alchemy VA family. 
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