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Virtual assistance services
“As a frustrated entrepreneur spinning so many plates I remember wishing stuff would just get done ‘like magic’. And abracadabra… now it does. Who says there’s no such things as angels? The team at Alchemy Virtual Assistance is full of them in my book. 
That’s not an airy-fairy complement either. Alchemy VA are 100 per cent professional and the services they deliver are real and personal. When you have a small business and a small budget, hiring help just feels like it’s never going to happen. Then handing projects over without just making a whole pile of different work for yourself… well let’s say that thought kept me from getting the support I needed for far too long. 
Alchemy VA are passionate about their purpose, saving me hours on the things I should be doing less of! And the relationship has taken time to develop with me, Alchemy VA standards and integrity means I trust Paul and Suzy's team 100 per cent. That kind of support is priceless.” 
Virtual Assistant Services
“I thought I was organised, but as my business has grown things started getting out of control and I needed help. I realised there was so much stuff taking up my time that someone else could help with, but the thought of handing this over scared me. I’ve been self employed for 10 years and doing it all myself as I find it hard to trust other people’s standards. Then I met Suzy, she is amazing! 
Alchemy have really got to know me and understand the specific needs of my business rather than making me fit with what they do, this is exactly what I needed.  
I trust the team with my work 100% and feel so much better having them on board supporting me with my work.  
Highly recommend. “ 
Virtual Assistance
"Northamptonshire ACRE is a small charity that works exclusively with rural communities across the county. We have a board of trustees who meet on a quarterly basis to review the progress of the charity and look at its future development. The charity also runs a wedding event trading arm that requires the directors to meet quarterly as well. Previously most of the minutes of the various meetings had to be done by me, the Chief Executive, because of the sensitive nature of much of the discussion or our Events Co-ordinator. This often made it difficult for us to be fully involved in the discussions as we would be trying to discuss agenda items, answer questions and record all the comments and actions. It would be difficult to fully engage in the meetings at times. It would also take quite a lot of work to get the draft minutes typed up and distributed to the trustees and directors. 
The trustees agreed with me that we needed an external minute taker but stressed they had to be reliable and very discreet. In the closed trustee only meetings we often discuss very sensitive information relating to the charity and its employees, therefore it is vital that any outside person we involved can guarantee full confidentiality. Alchemy Virtual Assistance has been able to provide that discretion to guarantee peace of mind for the trustees. 
Our Virtual Assistant has been attending the various board meetings since last August in the capacity of external minute taker. It has been such a huge help having her at the meetings, recording all the events and allowing me and the Co-ordinator to take part fully in the discussions. She always arrives early, helps to prepare the room and any papers that might be needed and greets the various trustees or directors, making them feel welcome. 
Once the meetings are over, our Virtual Assistant will clarify any queries she has before she leaves and often stays back chatting to the trustees and staff. She always has the draft minutes sent to me within a few days, whereas it could often take me weeks before I could get round to them. This means I can get them to the trustees while the meeting content is still clear in their minds. 
The charity, Trustees and I cannot thank Suzy (and Alchemy Virtual Assistance) enough for all their help, support and confidentiality." 
Virtual Assistant Services
“Thanks to Alchemy Virtual Assistance for all the wonderful work you did designing my testimonials and book reviews into proper designs. 
They've come in handy for getting business.” 
Virtual Assistant Services UK
“I can’t believe that I struggled along so long without Sarah’s help! It was incredible how much of my time she could free up and just generally make my life easier.  
She is professional, friendly and happy to help. I really can’t recommend her enough!." 
Virtual PA
"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah whilst we set up and delivered a merchandiising function for North, Central and East Europe for LS & Co.  
I hired Sarah to work alongside me to deliver various projects from budgeting, reporting, right through assorment and range planning.  
Not only is Sarah super organised and reidulously efficient she is lovely to work with and a really good fit to any organisation." 
Virtual Assistant Services
“Some days running a business is really hard. I may be very motivated to paint, but quite often the business bit gets in the way. It’s the bit I’m learning, the rather big important bit that will make a success of me. So when you came to help me with my admin again on Wednesday this week, it was a relief. 
You took on board the torrent of ‘to do’s’ I splurged out to you. You patiently made notes, and then quickly started actioning the list. Before I realised you had already created emails and documents for my 2 main outstanding issues ready for my approval and sending. 
You are calm, methodical and caring. 
You are not phased by wobbling towers of paper, important scribbles on ripped scraps of paper or sorting emails. You use your own creative flare to help me update and brainstorm the cogs of my business. You help me take a step back and take a fresh look. You question things and help me to say no to things. Above all, I trust you and I shall continue to highly recommend your business to others. 
Every business, in my opinion, should have a Super Suzy Virtual Assistant.” 
Virtual Assistant
"Suzy is an absolute delight to work with. If you want someone who will come in and treat your business as if it were their own then I strongly recommend you sit down and have a chat with Suzy. Alchemy VA will add value to your business and will be a pleasure to work with." 
Virtual PA - Virtual Assistant
"Eloise deals with any request efficiently and professionally. The work her Virtual Assistant team produce is excellent and they are a joy to work with!" 
Virtual PA
"Alchemy have helped no end in helping our business not only fill in the gaps, but add so much value in our day to day processes as well as longer term planning. Very intuitive and really take the time to understand you and your business - highly recommended!" 
Virtual PA Services
"I met Suzy when we collaborated on a client project – me providing PR support through Pilkington Communications and Alchemy VA providing admin and social media services.  
I was instantly impressed by Suzy’s ability to overcome challenges to bring ideas and solutions to the table as we began to form a working group with a range of professionals. It was important for the success of the project that processes and communication methods were made simple for all involved, and Suzy’s efficiency and responsiveness definitely contributed to that.  
Suzy and the Alchemy VA team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and their conscientious, friendly and flexible approach is what really makes this virtual assistance company stand out from the crowd. 
We have since had other opportunities to work together too, and every occasion is a thoroughly enjoyable experience which always results in business success for the client." 
Virtual Assistant
"I would like to thank you! 
Suzy and I met for a 1-2-1 in August, where we discussed a lot of ideas and passions about our businesses and the directions we were talking. I knew I needed to utilise some of the services Suzy offered but I wasn’t clear on which bits and when! 
I met Suzy & Paul in September as I had decided that I needed to carry out some market research and this would be perfect to outsource. Alchemy VA were so helpful, our meeting was thorough, they both knew exactly what information I needed and the reasons why. 
So, I waited, we agreed a deadline of 2 weeks, 10 working days. 
I received an unexpected update; this was great, it reassured me the job was in hand and on target for the deadline. 
Then from my absolute amazement 7 working days into the schedule I received a comprehensive report detailing my requirements in full along with a summary for me to get a snap-shot overview. 
Professional, polite, friendly, thorough, accurate punctual are just a handful of words I would use to describe Alchemy Virtual Assistance and their standard of work. I am completely overwhelmed, great value for money and I would not hesitate to use them again (In fact we already have a pipeline of projects), and I would proudly recommend them. 
Thank you for all your help, I am looking forward to our next project!" 
Virtual Assistant Northamptonshire
"I worked with Sarah for a number of years and highly recommend her Virtual Assistance service. Fantastic bubbly personality. She is conscientius and hard working. Great communication and attention to detial. All fantastic qualities for her new Alchemy Virtual Assistance venture." 
Virtual Assistant Chorley
"Always a pleasure spending time with Paul and Suzy from Alchemy Virtual Assistance. Professional and efficient, they take the time to understand the needs of your business and quikly provide support you need.  
Friendly and no-nonsense, I have no hesitation in reccomending them highly." 
Virtual Assistant UK
"Sarah has a way of making you fell calm even when you feel everything is a mess. 
She is the perfect mixture of profesionalism, friendly and funny. I would reccomend Sarah in a heartbeat." 
Virtual Assistant
"Alchemy VA operates in a world that is deluged three things. Social Media Managers, Profit Coaches and Virtual Assistants. 
They are all unregulated, anyone can do it and it’s a tough world to operate in because the behaviours of one person can create the enduring reputation of a large group of peers. 
If the reputation of all Virtual Assistants was based upon the behaviours of Suzy and the wider team at Alchemy, then those Virtual Assistants would be fortunate indeed. Their attention to detail, their desire for perfection, their affinity with their clients, their commitment to confidentiality, the community they have built and their passion for their business to be the benchmark for all other Virtual Assistants comes across in everything they do. 
This isn’t any Virtual Assistant business, this is Alchemy Virtual Assistance. You just can’t ask for more." 
Virtual PA services
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Holiday Cover you have provided. 
"Working on your own or in a family business it’s always difficult to take that much needed rest and holiday time with your family. So, to handover all responsibility to someone else is a tough ask and requires complete trust. 
What I found when I tasked you with looking after things for two weeks this year and again very recently was the utmost professionalism and reassurance every step of the way from my initial brief all the way to your in-depth and excellent reports on my return. 
Overall an excellent service and I am now looking to hire you for even more tasks within my business as it continues to grow. I have no hesitation at all in giving Alchemy Virtual Assistance my highest recommendation." 
Virtual assistant
"I am writing to say thank you for the ongoing support Alchemy Virtual Assistance are providing us with. As you were aware, we were completely outsourcing our telephone appointment service but we were not entirely happy with the lack of control or quality of the calls made on our behalf. Having seen the excellent work you do for Rob, we felt that you would be ideal to take ownership of booking our appointment slots, we have not been disappointed. Not only is your success rate better than our previous provider but your confidence and telephone manner means that you have blended into our business seamlessly. 
I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues, as long as you don’t neglect us in favour of them of course!" 
Virtual Assistant Services UK
"Having worked with the Alchemy VA team for just a short while, they have made a huge difference to our team's workload... and therefore the company's productivity as a whole.  
From the first intro meeting, their hugely broad range of skills really wowed us, and their professionalism and enthusiasm have made the Alchemy VA team a delight to work with!" 
Virtual Assistant Preston
“I am very lucky to have found Suzy from Alchemy Virtual Assistance when I did. My business was growing in a particular direction, meaning I couldn't keep pace with tasks related to digital imagery and business admin. 
I spoke to eight different VA's, but chose Alchemy as they really understood what I do. The team have a great way with people, their warmth shines through. Tasks have been completed on time to a high standard, feedback is also taken on board to make sure the task is exactly how you would like it to be. 
I enjoy working with Alchemy VA and have seen the business benefits in terms of people commenting on my branding and identity. I would highly recommend Alchemy Virtual Assistance for your business and/or personal VA requirements.” 
Virtual Assistant Services UK
"I realised that my team at Kilby Fox Accountants we’re struggling for time to manage our social media as consistently and as regularly as I wanted. As a result, it was a no brainer to engage the team at Alchemy Virtual Assistance to support us with this. Working with Sarah and Ottalei, and the wider Alchemy team is brilliant. 
Such a great bunch of people and so good at what they do. I highly recommend." 
Virtual Assistance UK
"I wanted to write you a testimonial as a thank you for the fantastic work Alchemy VA have been doing with helping to keep me organised and on top of my paperwork, which is a job I severely struggle with. As is often the case I end up working all hours on site and so the admin side of my business gets left until a to-do list builds up to an impossible task to keep on top of. 
In the few months that you have been helping me I have found your flexible and hard-working attitude admirable, as being as dis-organised as I am I know I can’t be the easiest of clients to work for! 
If it’s sorting out bags full of receipts, mystery shopping or offering advice on whatever crisis may be going on in my world you always go out of your way to be as helpful as possible. You have already implemented several different procedures to help make things more streamlined for me and completed many of the jobs that needed doing in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do. 
As such, I would not hesitate in recommending Suzy to anyone in need of a little extra help as I have no doubt that her fantastic service would be of great benefit to anyone’s business." 
Virtual Assistant Services
“I worked with Alchemy Virtual Assistance to produce and print some marketing literature for my resturant. I am extremely pleased with the final result and the speedy turnaround time. I can highly recommend them if your looking to get things done and dusted.” 
Virtual Assistant Services
"Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into my business, I would love for any future clients to know just what it is you do for me, as they are missing out! 
Since May 2017, Alchemy Virtual Assistance have been creating my newsletters, copy writing for product listings and more recently researching and writing my blog subjects. The attention to detail is second to none, research is very thorough and your creative writing skills sell products! You even make me want to purchase my own products! 
I have some extremely boring and repetitive tasks to do which Alchemy Virtual Assistance also took on with gusto, it’s just so lovely to be able to tick off those boxes that have sat unticked for months, all in such a short space of time. 
I will email and text requests and you always have an answer back to me in good time. These are just a few of the things you do and I know I have not tapped into half of your skills. 
I look forward to working with Alchemy Virtual Assistance for a long time to come." 
Virtual Assistant UK
I would like to take the time to thank you for your help recently, the way that you handled the work I needed you to do for me was professional and concise. 
The manner in which you helped suggesting a simple plan to move forward on the project was a welcome break from the traditional using ten words when one would do! 
I would have no hesitation in recomending the Virtual Assistant team at Alchemy VA to any of my business associates for any admin challenges they may have." 
Virtual Assistant Services UK
“I am fully aware that the universe has my back and sometimes the right person appears in front of you when you need it. I had been looking for additional support for my business for a while when I met Suzy. As soon as I heard her describe her business and how important values were I knew we needed to talk further. 
Alchemy Virtual Assistance, have been supporting me for a number of months and in that time have helped with a range of things and become invaluable. Social media, editing copy, updating my website, dealing with calls, responding to messages when I am out of the office, debt chasing and generally supporting me. A couple of things have happened that were unexpected emergencies and they were there for me. What did I ever do without them! 
Knowing I have support is priceless. As more weeks pass we are establishing routines for support along with a wish list of things to do, while they continue to be there if something happens and I need them. I cant wait to see where working together goes next…” 
PA services
Alchemy Virtual Assistance has helped me take my business forward. Her ideas and advice are both professional and sound. Her efficiency has proven how much I need her involved in my business. Having Suzy on board has allowed me to get on and do what I do best – Reflexology!” 
VA - Virtual Assistant
"Working with Alchemy Virtual Assistance has been a wonderful experience in every way imaginable. Suzy is warm, calm and always totally professional. Having her on my team allows me the time to do my best work, and that is invaluable." 
Virtual Assistant Services
“Alchemy Virtual Assistance has literally transformed the way I run my (small) business, and consequently my life. They brings calm to the chaos. 
Over the short time we have been working together, their VA support has enabled me to feel calmer and more in control; and consequently able to concentrate on the creative side of my business which I was previously starting to neglect; leaving my Virtual Assistant to handle the logistics. 
I have grown to trust and lean on Alchemy more and more as our relationship has developed over time, and now I couldn’t be without them!” 

Call Suzy or Paul now on 01604 312195 if you want get gain some time to do the things that you should be or want to be doing. 

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