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A lot can change in a year... 
Join Suzy Sanders, Founder of Alchemy Virtual Assistance, in honouring, celebrating and sharing empowering, challenging and inspiring real stories of the fast-paced, turbulent roller coaster ride of self-employment. 
Raw, honest, unfiltered and a little sweary! 
The process of starting and growing a business isn't always simple, straightforward forward or easy! 
The abundant possibilities of what the coming year will hold is what is keeps our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground. And that is exactly what we’re here to honour - the battles lost and won, personal and practical and the infinite entrepreneurial possibilities... 
Join us, let's dive in and chat with Karina Scott, Founder of Girl About Social... 
A little more about Karina... 
Karina has worked within the marketing industry for many years, for a diverse range of businesses and sectors. But, her real desire was always to work with B2C brands within the fashion and beauty industry. 
It's been a strange time for Karina, going from job loss (due to budget cuts and the impact of the global pandemic.) to founding her own marketing agency - Girl About Social.  
Whilst job searching in May 2020, Karina noticed that so many brands were looking for marketing and social media assistance but didn’t have the budgets to hire an experinced marketer full time on a permanent basis. That’s when Girl About Social was born... 
Girl About Social is a content marketing agency that collaborates with SMEs to support their marketing and build their social media strategies to ensure that they connect and engage with existing and prospective clients to improve their overall business growth. Karina offers her knowledge and expertise at an affordable, sensible price. Whether it be assisting on social media channels, managing an Instagram influencer campaign or creating a virtual event. 
Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, Karina is grateful that her employed jobs ended earlier than planned as it gave her that much needed push to reach her full potential. Karina now works with so many amazing brands within both the B2B and B2C sector and is loving every minute! If someone had told Karina a year ago that she would have set up her own business, she wouldn’t have believed them.  
You are on the right path, trust the journey... 
Connect with and keep up to date with Karina Scott on Instagram. 
Karina's STUNNING headband that she wears (and is referenced) in this episode is from West Glam Society - you can browse and order online via Instagram. 
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