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Join us, let's dive in and chat with the force of nature that is Henrietta Barker... 
Henrietta Barker is an experienced recruiter who has worked within the assistant space for many years. Henrietta works with companies to deliver thoughtful, modern and dynamic recruitment processes. Challenging their needs and finding Assistants who make a measurable difference in the work they deliver. 
The role of the assistant has evolved and has become more complex as companies adapt to grow in a post-pandemic era. It led her to dig deeper, conducting hundreds of interviews to understand where assistant’s pain points were and she built a community to share ideas and support them to become more efficient, fulfilled and respected for their work. 
Henrietta works with businesses in finance, private equity, media and digital who value and understand the positive impact a high calibre administrative professional or assistant brings to a company. 
Henrietta is also the host of the super successful The Assistants Together Podcast. A weekly interview series where assistants and leaders in the industry share their experiences with you.  
Listen in to Suzy's guest appearance on The Assistants Together Podcast. 
Check out the latest and keep up to date with the Alchemy VA franchise family. 
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