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A lot can change in a year... 
Join Suzy Sanders, Founder of Alchemy Virtual Assistance, in honouring, celebrating and sharing empowering, challenging and inspiring real stories of the fast-paced, turbulent roller coaster ride of self-employment. 
Raw, honest and unfiltered... 
The process of starting and growing a business isn't always simple, straightforward forward or easy! 
The abundant possibilities of what the coming year will hold is what is keeps our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground. And that is exactly what we’re here to honour - the battles lost and won, personal and practical and the infinite entrepreneurial possibilities... 
Join us, let's dive in and chat with Gemma McMillian, very proud and highly valued Alchemy VA franchisee... 
A little more about Gemma... 
Gemma McMillian lives in Northampton, Northamptonshire with her partner Jason and Missy the cat. When she's not creating more hours in the day for her clients she can be found trying out different crafts. She especially enjoys macramé and cross-stitch.  
Gemma is a vegetarian, she adores Italian food and her Grandma’s traditional Indian cooking. She is a devoted follower of her local Rugby team, The Northampton Saints. She also loves to sing and has even performed in a high profile 'Battle of the Bands' final. Whilst she has no regrets, Gemma is happy to have graciously left her 'rock and roll' days behind her.  
Gemma considers 'owning' her mindset to be the greatest challenge she has overcome. Finding the courage to take the necessary action to overcome that doubting inner voice. 
In her Virtual Assistant business Gemma is all about precision. The more intricate and complex the task, the better! She's also hugely focused on building meaningful, professional relationships. 
Gemma's first ever job was working weekends as a Chamber Maid when she was still at school. Since then she's built up decades of experience across various admin, sales, customer service and client liaison roles. Gemma is particularly passionate about her Alchemy VA Hub supporting local independent businesses, social enterprises and not for profit organisations. She truly believes that they are the life blood of our economy and that’s where she can make the most impact. 
Get in touch with Gemma via email or LinkedIn 
Take a look at what some of Gemma's wonderful clients say about her Virtual Assistant services... 
Suzy's book 'The Alchemy of Virtual Assistance' can be found here. 
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