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As the Sales and Marketing Executive at Monkey Tree Hosting, I’ve started to learn that educating my clients and connections on how to obtain a more professional aesthetic as a sole trader, is something I can help with.... 
We’re based in Northamptonshire and I’ve been working with the company for just over a year. I have learnt so much in the space of fifteen months; I’ve grown in confidence with public speaking, as this is now something that I have to regularly do as part of my role. 
I often speak to other business owners on how we’ve grown our client base organically through referral marketing; and how it’s aided in building up a good rapport within the IT Solutions industry in the East Midlands. 
Initially we started with building the business in 2012 around Hosting; so that’s anything from web hosting, email hosting and domain management all the way up to VPS’ (virtual private servers) and dedicated servers too. 
But as our client base grew, we started to get approached by happy customers for a more complete IT solution, thus our product and service offering grew alongside this too. 
As a result of this, we decided that we would branch out the Monkey Tree Hosting brand and now have MTH Networks as a sub-brand which brings an offering of both telecoms and connectivity solutions: 
- VoIP with Handsets 
- Call forwarding with a virtual (localised) number 
- SIM cards 
- Leased lines, FTTC, EoFTTC and FTTP. 
It’s 2019! Modern technology and flexible working is enabling more and more people to start up their own business; whether that’s - from home, from a co-working space, or a shared office. It’s never been easier to start a company than it is today. 
But with owning a business comes the various tasks of sales, marketing and advertising your brand/company to the public. We’re always being told that in business we need to not only be professional, but “look” it too. 
In business nowadays, using your personal mobile phone to both make and receive business calls is not only unprofessional, however it’s actually unsafe too. Technology is wild, and just from a simple track of a mobile number, people can gain information on geographical locations etc… 
The use of a landline number illustrates and shows that you are real, you do exist and you’re a fully-fledged company, not JUST an individual person. It adds credibility, it adds some additional flair. 
We’re not only in the day and age where VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is going to be more and more prevalent in industries and offices, but home owners will eventually have to switch someday too. 
VoIP is essentially using the internet to make your phone calls – so there are no “lines” needed, or a limit on the amount of “lines” or numbers any one business can obtain. In the era of VoIP and general low-cost communications solutions, relying entirely on mobile for business is no longer a viable option. 
BT have announced that in 2020, they will stop putting money into PSTN (old traditional phone lines) lines, and by 2025 they will be withdrawn and the public will be migrated to and made to make the transition to Hosted Telephony systems. Ofcom released a document stating more information on this… Openreach Summary of Market and Customer Insight on the ISDN2 and ISDN30 Services 
At Monkey Tree, we can provide you with a VoIP platform on a 30-day rolling contract with a localised phone number; meaning that your business can always appear professional. You can add it to your marketing material or your website and you can rest assured that you can always continue to appear as a fully-fledged business. It’s a future-proof solution. 
Once on board with us, MTH VoIP includes full support from our friendly in-house UK based team of experts; whether it’s a technical question or advice on how to scale, we’re always here to talk. 
If anything I have mentioned in this post interests you, or you’d like some more information please feel free to get in contact with me. 
You can call us on 0203 359 0210 or drop us an email at 
Shivani Mistry 
Sales and Marketing Executive, 
Monkey Tree Hosting 
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