One day I found the courage to acknowledge that I don’t have to be JUST Mummy. Because by nurturing, nourishing and developing myself, I’m becoming a better Mummy. 
I want my son is to be happy and healthy. That is all any Mother wants, right? 
Looking deeper, I wish for him to possess a REAL hunger for life, an infatuation with adventure, a thirst for experience, to adopt a growth mindset that jet propels him to new and challenging places, a deep-rooted respect for nature, an unwavering kindness for all living creatures (no matter how cruel they can sometimes be), an understanding of faith in all its diversity, a strong connection to his instinct and complete trust in its voice (no matter how quiet it may whisper), the courage and strength to act from the heart, to know and trust the timing of things… 
Wishing doesn’t make it so. 
I know that for him to know such things, I must demonstrate them myself. Every day. 
That is my point, my plan, my purpose. 
That’s exactly why I started my Virtual Assistant business and why I get up every day and throw everything I have at developing it and myself. 
Being a working Mother is SO hard. There are so many expectations and pressures. So, if you’re not feeling strong today or you’ve been carrying around that horrid Mum guilt… 
..Drop it. You’ve totally got this! 
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