The Alchemy Virtual Assistant Academy 

So, you want to become a successful  Virtual Assistant?  The Alchemy VA Academy can help you learn how to VA YOUR way.   

Testimonial for Alchemy VA Milton Keynes
Are you ready to level up? 
A private one-off VA Power Hour session - it’s up to you to set the agenda. 
We can talk about your current challenges, which could be anything along the lines of: 
• how to find clients with your skills and current resources 
• goals and goal setting 
• pitching 
• identifying your dream client 
• self-doubt and confidence 
• gaining feedback/insights for your business 
• services / packages 
• software and systems 
• compliance 
• time management 
• your brand and messaging… 
Whatever will benefit you the most at the moment. 
Ongoing VA Mentoring arrangements are also available. Our ‘guide’ package is 6 months in duration. This package includes one, one hour session a month plus email support throughout the duration of the arrangement. 
We keep our VA Mentoring offering quite fluid, this is driven mostly by Suzy's desire to help the right people in the right ways. So, if you’d like to explore a shorter (or longer) agreement or perhaps a more intense arrangement then get in touch. 
Whatever challenges you're facing in your Virtual Assistant business, we're here to help! 
Book your free Chemistry Call to discover if VA Mentoring with Suzy is right for you. 
Virtual Assistant Trainer
""I just wanted to thank you for an amazing VA Power Hour. Money is really tight at the moment as I’m still on maternity leave and just starting my venture into the va world but it was totally worth every penny!  
I’m so glad I booked it. 
Suzy, you're so calm and supportive. You gave me some incredibly simple, yet creative ideas and solutions. 
It was good to pick your brains on the things that are holding me back. We covered so much! I now feel like I’ve got the confidence to finally get things moving! 
I am really looking forward to my follow up session next month to share what I’ve achieved and get working on the next steps!  
Thank you."" 
Virtual Assistant Trainer
""What can I say about this lady..... she is WOW!! Suzy was recommended to me by another VA when I first setup my VA business. From my first contact with her, she talked sense and had an ethos I understood. I've used her mentoring sessions on a few occasions now and learnt so much in the time booked. 
But what really stands out for me, is her willingness to help out outside of these sessions. There has been a few times when I'm not sure or overwhelmed and Suzy took time out of her busy schedule just to give me a reassuring telephone call and put me back on the right track. 
I cannot recommend this lady enough, amazing, lovely, kind hearted and VERY knowledgeable within her field. She'll always be my 'First go to!'  
Thanks Super Suzy"" 
Virtual Assistant Mentoring
Connect, learn, exchange ideas and get inspired! 
Join our free online community for established and aspiring Virtual Assistants and benefit from: 
• tips, tricks and tools from the Alchemy VA team 
• peer learning with other VAs 
• regular live Q&A sessions with Suzy Sanders 
• challenges and competitions 
• associate work oppourtunities 
• ...and much, much more! 
The Alchemy VA Academy Community is a collaborative, supportive and, non judgemental hub for superhero VAs working hard to create a successful and fulfilling business that works around them. 
Join in and share your adventure with other likeminded individuals! 
Virtual Assistant Mentor
""Firstly, I absolutely love how down to earth and genuine both you and Paul are. I did have some reservations on what the atmosphere would be like, not doing anything like this before, outside of my extremely corporate work environment! Those reservations went as soon as I walked in, you put me completely at ease, made me feel welcome and struck up a good balance of professionalism, whilst being friendly and allowing a good rapport to build up. 
I was amazed at the sheer amount you managed to cover off in a short space of time, not scrimping on details and, elaborating when required - It was clear you’d planned for the session in advance. The way you articulate yourself is really engaging, there’s no corporate spiel or acronyms which is really refreshing and, your personality really shines through. 
I’m really happy with the outcome of the session and I came away with a much clearer view of what my priorities should be, which was the main reason I initially reached out to you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other aspiring VA’s. Your knowledge and experience in this industry really shows and this, coupled with your empathetic manner and clear drive to help others succeed made my session extremely worthwhile and fulfilling. 
Thank you!"" 
Virtual Assistant Trainer
""A mentoring call with Alchemy VA was exactly the confidence boost I needed to kick start my VA business. Suzy managed to pack so much into our hour together. She shared a huge amount of practical tools and information with a wealth of inspiration and ideas mixed in - all shared with so much generosity, warmth and wisdom gained from her own extensive experience. 
She really helped me clarify my vision for the business and to see the value of what I can offer to clients, helping me feel ready to put myself out there. 
Suzy is a wonderful Mentor - full of knowledge, heart and enthusiasm for your journey. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone looking to grow or expand their VA business. 
Thank you Suzy"" 
Virtual Assistant Trainer
" I had my first mentoring session with Suzy this morning and she inspired me! 
Suzy has such an empathtic and understanding approach and offered some really useful advice to help me develop my confidence and move forward in my business. 
Suzy's journey is an inspriation to me and she is so easy to talk to, it's like chatting with a good friend, I was buzzing when we finished our call.! 
I wouldn't hestitate to recommend Suzy as a mentor to any new or established virtual assistant - she is amazing and I know with her help and support i'm going to grow in confidence and, in turn, develop my business. 
Thanks Suzy" 

Give us a call on 01604 312195 or email to discover how we can help you with your business and personal journey. 

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